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Shakira Responds After Gerard Piqué Implies Her Fans Are Horrible Because They're 'Latin American'!

Shakira Response Gerard Pique Latin American Fans Quote

WTF is Gerard Piqué thinking?!

Lately, it feels like the football star is actively trying to make the entire world hate him. First he cheats on Shakira, an internationally beloved pop star. Not just once either — the man was allegedly engaged in a months-long affair with a woman half her age. If that weren’t bad enough, it was apparently in their own home while she was away! Now he wants the world to view him and GF Clara Chia Marti as the victims??

That was the basic gist of the interview he did with Gerard Romero over the weekend. Piqué opened up about the backlash he’s been getting from his ex’s fans — and the internet generally — since she dropped her diss track BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 53, confirming the worst of the rumors.

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Translated from Spanish, he complained no one is thinking of how all this affects him and Clara:

“Now we ‘have beef’, it’s a personal subject; ‘having beef’ is fine, it’s trendy, but we don’t think about the consequences that it may have on a mental level to the people targeted. We don’t think about the other person. What has to happen? For someone to commit suicide so people think about what we are going through? I am very disappointed with what society is.”

What?! Yes, he’s playing the self-harm card, saying:

“In the beginning, it was bad and it reached a point where if I had let things get to me, I would have thrown myself off a cliff.”

Sorry, but we absolutely are against bullying. But that’s not what this is. People trash talking him online for his horrible betrayal of his wife isn’t the heartless persecution he’s making it out to be. He’s still very much in the wrong here, he’s just upset everyone found out about it.

Speaking of villainy, he took it all a step further when he heavily implied the real problem was the fact Shakira — and her fan base — are Latin American. The Spanish sports star explained:

“My ex is Latin American, and you can’t imagine what I’ve gotten on social media from her fans. These people have no lives. Barbarities. Thousands of them.”

He added that it was his ambivalence that kept him safe from the “barbarities”:

“I don’t care about any of it. Really. Like Zero. Zero. It’s like people who are there, with no lives. What importance do you need to give them? It’s just Zero. You’re never going to meet them in real life. They’re like robots.”

Wow. See that full quote (below):

He went after her nationality? Her ethnicity?! What is this racist, xenophobic crap?!? Gross! This is how he’s going to win the sympathy of millions? By hinting these people can’t control themselves because they’re “Latin American”??

Sorry, but if there’s another interpretation to him leading that off by noting her ethnic background, please let us know. We are all ears over here.

Shak sure took it that way. She responded on Twitter just hours later, writing:

“Proud to be Latin American.”

Along with plenty of flags from the region.

So yeah, don’t tell us we’re overreacting. The woman who knows him best thinks he was being xenophobic, too. Gross.

What do YOU think of Piqué playing the victim here? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via The Tonight Show/YouTube/Gerard Pique/Instagram.]

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