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Shawn Mendes Moving On? Spotted In Sexy Ceremony With Mystery Woman In Hawaii!

Shawn Mendes Sexy Meditation Photos Hawaii Vacation After Camila Cabello Breakup

A couple months after his big breakup, Shawn Mendes is clearing his head — and getting in another woman’s face!

The Stitches singer has been hanging in Hawaii with his boys for the past week or so; he’s been sharing some of his relaxing exploits, like yoga and swimming, on his Instagram feed.

But something a little different was captured by paparazzi over the weekend! In pics and video that hit the internet on Monday, Shawn sits in a meditative pose while a scantily clad woman blows through a pipe directly into his nose.

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Near as anyone can tell, what they’re doing seems to be a little Rapé therapy. (It’s pronounced hah-peh, and be very careful to note that accent if you’re spelling it out!) Rapé is a healing technique from the Amazon, in which a snuff made of local plants, often including Amazonian tobacco, or Mapacho, is blown up the nose by a shaman using a V-shaped pipe called a Kuripe.

According to a Medium article from 2020, it’s used “to cleanse yourself of negative energy, assist with pain relief and stimulate detoxification, helping to clear excess mucus, toxins, and bacteria” and helps “to find stillness and clarity within during meditation.” You can read more HERE.

We think it’s cool Shawn is trying new healing techniques, but it’s not the meditation we can’t stop staring at in these pics — it’s the focus! The healing, as we understand it, isn’t an inherently sexy endeavor — but the heat between Shawn and his “shaman” in these pics is palpable! Sure, they aren’t even physically touching, but there’s something so very kiss-like about how their faces are so close. It’s seriously hot! (You can see the pics for yourself HERE!) They reportedly shared a hike afterward, too.

Is this a vacation fling he’s embarking on? This would be the first known hookup for the crooner since splitting with Camila Cabello after their two year relationship, so it’s kind of a big deal. We know after their reunion in Miami last month, stans were hoping these two crazy kids would make it work together.

But of course, we knew he was ready to mingle after seeing all those thirst trap posts on IG the past couple months. Maybe he’s got a worldly new gal just showing him some new things?? Like we said, the two were seen hiking along the beachside, with the unidentified brunette sporting just a sports bra and bike shorts leading the way. Word on the street is they got coffee together, too.

What do YOU think, Perezcious relationship experts? Are Shawn and this young lady doing more than practicing Rapé?

[Image via Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello/Instagram.]

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