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Snooki Claps Back At Troll For Calling Her A Bad 'Role Model' For Her Kids!

Snooki SLAMS Troll For Calling Her A Bad ‘Role Model’ For Her Kids!

Don’t mess with this momma!

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi won’t stand by and let a hater criticize her parenting! On Friday, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star took to Twitter to ask fans how they enjoyed Thursday’s episodes of the dramatic series! While asking for feedback, she revealed the reason she didn’t tune in live, noting:

“Who enjoyed that hot mess s**t show of an episode last night? Sorry i couldn’t live tweet, i didn’t want my kids to watch us be slobs LOL.”

Hah! It’s perfectly understandable why she wouldn’t want her daughter Giovanna, 7, and sons Lorenzo, 9, and Angelo, 2, whom she shares with husband Jionni LaValle, watching the reality show yet, but one particular fan thought that was a horrible excuse!

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Taking to the comment section, a furious troll replied:

“Snooki, you don’t even take responsability for you behaviour ? you should have thought about it before! what a great model for your kids!”

Dang! The 34-year-old was quick to stand up for herself though, clapping back:

“Please stop. I’m a wonderful mother to [my] kids, and allowed to act like a complete slob on vacation with my best friends.”


Unfortunately, the hater wasn’t willing to let the Snooki and Jwoww alum off the hook! He then complained that Snooki had blocked him on the social media platform, arguing:

“i make you feel shameful and i’m proud of it”

Ugh. First off, we guarantee she isn’t being shamed by some rando, and second, what an annoying thing to be proud about! The critic then tried to explain his thought process further, but the explanation didn’t really make up for his rudeness. He continued:

“you totally misunderstood what i meant! you can act like a slob! i don’t blame you for that but cause you hide it to your kids!”

Uh, we know for a fact that Snooki isn’t the only one that acts one way with her adult friends and another around her young children! That’s actually totally normal! Something tells us this self-righteous commenter isn’t even a parent and therefore has no clue what he’s talking about.

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For the record, Snooki has no intention of hiding how much of a “slob” she supposedly is — she’s just waiting for the right time to tell her kids! In an interview last August, the MTV personality expressed how “nervous” she is for her children to watch the series one day, telling Page Six:

“I also feel like it could be a lesson to be like, ‘Kids, be way better than me because Mommy is a s**t show.’ So, I feel like I can use it to my advantage.”

She also told E! News’ Daily Pop:

“Well, as of right now, they think I’m an actress. They think Jersey Shore is like E.R., like an actual scripted drama series. So I’m good for a little bit. ‘Mommy is an actress, she’s won a lot of Emmys and she kills it.’ … But I feel like once they’re, like, 18, I can be like, ‘Alright, kids that was really mommy, and she was a mess.”

Such a normal approach to take when having to tell kids something serious! No one starts their life the perfect, totally together adult — and no one has to be that way 24/7 without ever cutting loose!

But if you’re looking for someone to shame for being a bad mom, you’ve come to the wrong place. This is a woman who has her priorities in order! As she told Nick Cannon on his sadly canceled show back in January:

“Once I became a mom, I realized there’s more to life than just being selfish and partying and going crazy. I love mom life, I love my babies, I have three of them and it is a lot of work.”

Love that she’s sticking up for herself — and remaining confident AF in her parenting abilities — amid this unwanted controversy! Reactions?!

[Image via Nicole Polizzi/Instagram]

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