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Some Advice On Getting A Loved One To Stop Smoking

craig nabat

Nobody wants to see a loved one cause harm to themselves, so it’s understandable if one partner wants the other to quit smoking.

The hard part is convincing them — and convincing them that they should probably stop smoking all things, not just tobacco, right? Let’s see…

The Question:

I really want my boyfriend to quit smoking- I think that means he should
also quit smoking weed as surely the two go hand in hand…

Craig‘s Advice:

That’s great that you want your boyfriend to quit smoking. For your boyfriend to quit smoking it is not mandatory for him to give up smoking weed to actually quit. Despite that both substances are inhaled, in reality the two are not correlated. Nicotine is highly physically and psychologically addictive; marijuana is considered by countless health care professionals only to be psychologically addictive, and significantly easier to refrain from using.

At our quit smoking clinic, we recommend that when a client wants to quit smoking they should look at the process of quitting also as a lifestyle change, it is a real chance for a newly former smoker to start being better to themselves, and caring more about their overall health and mental wellbeing. A good reason to refrain from using marijuana when someone is quitting smoking is that pot can be a psychological trigger, if the person always smokes cigarettes immediately after getting high. More importantly refraining from using gives the smoker a real opportunity to detoxify their body, once off cigarettes and marijuana, their desire to continue getting high as often may become much less desirable for them.

When a person smokes pot after they have quit smoking, it does not mean they are going to become a cigarette smoker again. Nicotine is the substance the former smoker must steer clear of. It is vitally important for your boyfriend to understand that he can never mix marijuana and tobacco ever or it is a sure fire path to becoming addicted to cigarettes once more. It is best to wait at least until all the nicotine has left the blood stream which takes 72 hours, before considering to smoke pot again. My suggestion is to allow 10 days to detoxify your system, the former smoker might be surprised how much better they’ll feel, and may want to continue on that path of not smoking anything habitually anymore.

Lastly, my advice is to not argue with your boyfriend about his smoking. Tell him how much you care about him and let him know you are nervous about the potential damage he could be doing to his body. Just make certain you don’t ride him about quitting…Stopping smoking for good is a personal decision that he will need to make on his own.

Thanks Craig! Super informative, and will definitely give that Perezilicious FitPerez reader something to think about, and probably some others as well!

For more tips on quitting cigarettes feel free to ask Craig more questions by tweeting @freedomlaser or writing to [email protected]!

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Sep 13, 2011 17:30pm PDT

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