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Spencer Pratt Serves Inside Scoop On Caitlyn Jenner's Relationship With Brody & How He Used To 'Kick It' With Ryan Gosling!

Spencer Pratt
Spencer Pratt
is here with the tea!
During an appearance on the Allegedly podcast with Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss, the 34-year-old got real about his career, relationship with Heidi Montag, and fatherhood — all while dropping some bombshells about Caitlyn Jenner and Ryan Gosling! V random, but we love it!
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Here are some fun facts we got from the former reality star’s interview:
The Hills star has not met Kris Jenner‘s ex — who is his pal Brody Jenner‘s father — since her transition from Bruce Jenner. He revealed:

“I wouldn’t want to meet Caitlyn. I’m Team Kris Jenner. I didn’t like Bruce. I was team Brody. Bruce is like the worst dad. He wouldn’t even call Brody on his birthdays. And he lived in the Valley. It’s not like, ‘Oh, I’m in the Czech Republic and we don’t have phones here today!’ He was always bad as a human, from what I saw, being Brody’s best friend. He was a ghost. They had no relationship. Poor Brody.”

— The father-to-be said he “used to kick it” with the La La Land star when he was in college — and even revealed that Ryan had some inside knowledge about the dangers of Scientology:

“I had a penthouse loft when I was a freshman at USC and the connecting penthouse loft was Ryan Gosling and we used to kick it all the time. He may deny it but I have many witnesses. I’ll take a polygraph. He told me a story about Scientology that has stuck with me for years. Let’s just say it involved people not surviving heavy shit and I was like, oh wow, this is not something to joke about. I never had the clean enough juice [to be recruited], if I had been a Brody or Lauren I think they would have come after me and I would have been like, lets get on a jet John Travolta. I’d be out here repping, me and TC just had a seance or whatever.”

— Spencer joked that he would like his son “to be a professional content maker” — so much so that he and Heidi have selected their unborn child’s name based on what social media handles are available:

“We had to ditch a couple names.”

— He opened up about his struggle with his weight and depression after leaving the reality TV world — which he tuned around by cutting out gluten, dairy, sugar, and alcohol:

“I was 250 lbs. I have a photo of the scale. I was eating two pies a night. That was more of like a depression eating because I was like fuck, I live in Santa Barbara. I’m not famous in Hollywood. So I think I was like medicating with pie.”

Lauren Conrad apparently ruined Speidi’s chances at making the big bucks for photos of their baby:

“Well Lauren Conrad just blew it for us, having the worst selling magazine cover in the history of the publication. She killed our numbers. She’s supposed to be the queen of ‘The Hills,’ so all our money just went way down because of her. I would rather taken no money to have that happen to her so it’s a win regardless.”

For more on this and which one of Spencer’s costars’ children he want his son to date, listen (below)!!

[Image via Instagram/Lia Toby/Arnold Wells/WENN.]

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