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Brody Jenner Makes His Coffee Using Fiancée's Breast Milk!

Brody Jenner Makes His Coffee Using Fiancée's Breast Milk!

Brody Jenner has a secret ingredient for his morning cup of joe!

Brody and his fiancée Tia Blanco welcomed their baby girl Honey in August, and have been documenting the journey on their shared channel, Brody & Tia. Last week, the reality star took YouTube viewers with him into the kitchen as he attempted to make himself and Tia a delicious caffeinated beverage — but he quickly ran into a problem:

“Alright, so I just came out to make us both some coffee and we are out of almond milk.”

Damn, we hate it when that happens! However, the 40-year-old thought quickly, telling fans he “did find one thing” — before revealing a bag labeled “breast milk.”


He speculated over the prospect of adding it to his coffee, thinking out loud:

“Now I hear great things about breast milk. I hear it’s very nutritious, I hear it’s very delicious. I think it will do.”

But, like a good partner and father, he first went to check with a sleepy Tia to make sure she thought it was okay — and not, you know, disgusting:

“Sorry to disturb you but we’re out of almond milk. Do you mind if we use the breast milk that I put in the fridge last night?”

She quickly approved the idea, remarking that “it will probably be really good” for him. So, Brody returned to the kitchen, putting together a “breast milk latte.” LOLz!

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He returned to Tia with the beverages in hand, sharing he was “excited” to take the first sip… And the results? He boasted:

“It’s freaking delicious!”

Tia wasn’t quite as thrilled, revealing “it just tastes like coffee,” but the look of pure joy couldn’t be wiped from Brody’s face! Watch the full thing (below):

Just so you know, human breast milk is consumable for adults. But importantly, per the National Institute of Health, it’s not the “superfood” that’s become a trend the past few years. But it is digestible just fine, provided it comes from a trusted source. Human breast milk purchased online (including in ice cream they sell now!) is not pasteurized, so there’s an extra risk of bacterial or viral infection. Brody getting it from Tia should obviously be fine. Just you know, maybe off-putting? It’s up to you!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Would YOU dare to try such a drink?! Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Brody & Tia/YouTube]

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