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Kaitlynn Carter Blames Spencer Pratt For Spilling Her Pregnancy News To Brody Jenner!

kaitlynn carter, brody jenner, spencer pratt : kaitlynn blames spencer for spilling pregnancy news to brody

This is exactly the kind of drama we expect from The Hills: New Beginnings, TBH!

If you’ve been keeping up with the show, you know Kaitlynn Carter’s pregnancy news really rattled her ex-husband Brody Jenner. He had concerns about it being “too soon” in her relationship with Kristopher Brock, but mostly he was offended about finding out about her bun in the oven “through the grapevine” rather than from Katilynn herself.

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But in a new episode of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, the momma of one claimed she hadn’t intended for things to go down like that. She told the hosts that she had “obviously” talked with her ex in private, but the news had gotten to him before she could. She recalled:

“I actually hadn’t told anyone that I was pregnant. I was probably only seven weeks. So I told the showrunner and somehow Spencer Pratt got word… so hadn’t told my parents, and he went and told Brody the next day.”

We really should have known that Spencer would be in the middle of this mess! LOLz!

The 33-year-old continued:

“So I got a call from Brody, and he said, ‘What’s this news that you have that you’re not telling me? What’s the secret? There’s something going on.’ And of course, I wasn’t going to lie to him, you know? I just think that would be a s**tty thing to do.”

In fact, she had always “planned to tell him,” she said:

“He was one of the first people I wanted to tell anyway.”

Remember when Brody was feeling sorry for himself about “being one of the last people to find out” and that he should have been in the “top ten” people Kaitlynn told? Well, sounds like that was a HUGE exaggeration. We mean, he heard about it before her parents did. Relax, bro!

Actually, his former wife seemed to really take his feelings into consideration regarding the matter. She reflected:

“It’s not like he was devastated, but I still felt like I owed it to him to just tell him. So, at that point, even though it was really upsetting that I didn’t get to share the news on my own…he actually found out really early.”

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Miley Cyrus’ ex shared a pretty healthy and reasonable perspective on the subject:

“I think that’s the problem in why people have a hard time maintaining cordial relationships with exes is because they can’t be bothered to have a mutual respect, to just think: ‘Maybe it would be polite to let this person know something that’s probably going to have somewhat of an effect on them emotionally.'”

The lady makes a good point. If only Spencer hadn’t blabbed! But if Kaitlynn had already told The Hills showrunner, we have to wonder if the producers deployed Spencer on purpose to drum up the drama. Again, we have to expect that kind of pot stirring from reality TV!

[Image via Nicky Nelson/MEGA/WENN & Kaitlynn Carter/Instagram]

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