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Summer House Shocker! Lindsay Hubbard Drops 'Alarming' Intimate Detail About Carl Radke Relationship!

Summer House Lindsay Hubbard Reveals Carl Radke Problem

If you were wondering how bad things got that caused Summer House couple Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke to break up right before the wedding, you’re asking the wrong question. What you need to know is how good things didn’t get!

What we mean is, when it comes to one of the most important aspects of a new relationship, the couple apparently were never a good fit anyway! Yeah, we’re talking about sexual compatibility.

On Thursday’s episode of the Bravo hit, Lindsay was confiding in co-stars Paige DeSorbo and Amanda Batula about her sex life with Carl. She complained her then-fiancé was “not a very sexual person” like she is. Paige asked how often they’re having sex, and Lindsay revealed:

“Mmm, like, once every couple of weeks.”

The girls’ jaws dropped at the admission. Paige in particular was floored, saying:

“Lindsay, what the f**k? Dude, you gotta change that.”

Yeah, doesn’t sound like a couple who are about to enter the honeymoon period of their relationship, right? More importantly, it was an amount Lindsay was content with! She complained:

“You’re probably having sex with your long-distance boyfriend more than me.”

Paige told her she was right. They are! And while Amanda said being 10 years into her relationship with Kyle Cooke, that isn’t too unusual. But back when they were in the early days, like Lindsey and Carl, they were doing it “every day”! She just couldn’t believe the engaged couple were getting together so infrequently!

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Of course, in a confessional Paige explained she doubts it’s even once every two weeks! She explained:

“I feel like when people talk about their sex life, they, like, lie a little, so if she’s telling us that they don’t have sex for, like, two weeks at a time, girl math, carry the one, that’s six weeks, and I don’t make the rules, but that’s alarming.”

Yeah, girl math is triple, right? Oof.

Amanda asked if the sex was good when they did have it, and on that score everything was fine. Lindsay gushed:

“It’s, like, such good sex.”

That only made her more upset about not getting enough! But it got worse when she realized her man was the only one of the three that wasn’t actively trying to have sex with her!

“Your f**king boyfriend and your husband are initiating? Mine just doesn’t even initiate.”

This was, of course, all in the Hamptons. Meanwhile Carl was back in the NYC apartment they shared because he was trying to “break the cycle” of having huge blowout fights like they’d had the previous two weeks. Oof. Now THAT is a bad sign!

What do YOU think about how often Lindsay and Carl were having sex right before they were supposed to get married? Does it mean they were just incompatible from the start? Or proof they were in such a bad place emotionally that they just weren’t into one another enough to want to be… into one another??

[Image via Bravo/YouTube/Lindsay Hubbard/Instagram.]

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