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Summer House's Carl Radke & Lindsey Hubbard Had 'Big Fights' Before Breakup, Says Co-Star!

Summer House's Carl Radke & Lindsey Hubbard Had 'Huge Fights' Before Breakup, Says Co-Star

Fans are going to get an up-close-and-personal look at the problems in Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard‘s relationship when the new season of Summer House premieres!

Discussing the upcoming Season 8, which premieres on Thursday night, Carl told People he and his wife-to-be had issues heading into the summer — long before he dramatically called off the wedding at the last moment in August 2023. He explained on Thursday:

“There were things that were always right there in front of us, that always were a constant conversation, and things we needed to work on and understand better about each other. There are things you’ll see that had happened before the summer started, but then happened again during the summer. Finances, career, that’s always going to be conversation, regardless of where you’re at, but those were definitely topics that came up this summer.”

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To prove this, he noted the couple had been working on their issues, including “communication” and “our attachment styles,” in couples therapy since November 2022, but it didn’t work:

“Every couple has things going on, but this summer, you’ll see it firsthand play out.”

Even his co-star Kyle Cooke doubled down about how intense it’s going to be, chiming in:

“There were big fights, like volcanoes.”


Kyle went on to admit the “red flags” in the duo’s relationship “dated back to the first couple months of their dating.” Oof. As for why he never said anything? It was tricky…

“I saw things that concerned me, but how do you find the right time and place to confront not just Carl, but Lindsay, too? These are both my friends and you’re kind of caught in between this weird place where you don’t want to just speak your mind. You might say something that could jeopardize your friendships. Sometimes I’m not very eloquent with my timing or my wording, so I have to pick and choose my battles.”

Still, unlike Carl’s attempt to downplay it, Kyle insisted the exes’ problems “were bigger than most.” But even he didn’t expect them to call of their destination wedding, he added:

“I never in my right mind during the summer would I have thought they’d not go through with it. I honestly thought they would still go through with it because I knew they loved each other, I knew there was this friendship. As crazy as it sounds, it is way harder to have the self-awareness and doubts to call off a wedding than to even propose.”

But, of course, Carl did — and in dramatic fashion for the whole world to see! As for whether or not he thinks his relationship could have prospered had he taken his time with things, Carl told the outlet:

“Sure, there’s things in my past that I wish I could have done differently, but I think you’ll just make yourself crazy trying to rehash and replay. Things played out the way they did. I can’t go back and change time. I was a different person two years ago, it’s hard to speculate how that would have been. I can only do what I can today and move forward and healing, trying to understand from my past.”

The reality star now hopes the breakup will have made him “a more evolved person,” concluding:

“I hope all this stuff from the last six months will lead me more down that road. I definitely learned a lot.”

Wow. We’re eager to see this all unfold… Thoughts? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Bravo/WWHL/YouTube]

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