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Super Bowl Viewers Puzzled By Jesus... Foot Fetish Ad??

Super Bowl Viewers Puzzled By Jesus... Foot Fetish Ad??

Jesus took center stage during the big game on Sunday night.

Whether you watched the Super Bowl for the game, for Usher’s halftime performance, or for the ads… You were probably taken a little by surprise by THAT Jesus commercial. If you didn’t catch it a Christian ad campaign called He Gets Us got their latest commercial into the mix on Sunday. It featured several shots of people of all backgrounds bizarrely washing each other’s feet — like, outside of a family planning clinic, at protests, etc., etc. And it all led up to this tagline at the end:

“Jesus didn’t teach hate. He washed feet.”

Watch (below):

OK, so first off this “Jesus didn’t teach hate” campaign was mostly funded by a guy who has funded a LOT of hate. Billionaire Hobby Lobby co-founder David Green has infamously put a lot of money into anti-LGBT and anti-immigrant groups.

The “He gets us. All of us,” the scenery, and the models definitely stand out knowing Green contributed to The Signatry, which previously funded the campaign and waged war against Hobby Lobby’s birth control health care AND got caught up in a legal battle with a trans employee who wanted to use the women’s bathroom! Yeesh!

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Secondly, the way the commercial plays out? Well, it kind of gave viewers the impression Jesus (or the ad’s creators maybe) had a foot fetish??

Over on X (Twitter), viewers definitely had thoughts, some of which were about the real intent of the ad, most of which were just boggled by the foot stuff! See a few (below)!


What do YOU make of the ad, Perezcious readers?? It was definitely memorable, that’s for sure. Just maybe not for the reasons intended… Sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments down below!

[Image via He Gets Us/YouTube]

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