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Sylvester Stallone BRUTALLY Insulting Background Actors?!

Sylvester Stallone Is Getting Called Out By Background Actors For Allegedly BRUTALLY Insulting Them!

Sylvester Stallone may be a big star, but it also sounds like he’s spending his time these days punching DOWN.

The Rocky star is in hot water for his alleged mistreatment of background actors on the set of his Paramount+ show Tulsa King. On Tuesday, Deadline reported that members of a private Facebook group called Backgrounders — stories from set SLAMMED the 77-year-old for allegedly slinging some pretty nasty insults their way.

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In a screenshot that’s gone viral on X (Twitter), one member claimed Sly would often attack backgrounders’ physical appearance — including handicaps:

“While working on [Tulsa King] this week Sylvester Stallone was observed calling the director over and saying ‘what the f**k us up with these f**king ugly background.’ He and the director proceeded to call certain people terrible names and laughed at them. ‘Tub of lard,’ ‘fat guy with cane,’ and was making fun of their weight and handicaps.”

WTF?? If this is true, that’s SO messed up. And to make things even ickier, the eyewitness allegedly heard the Rambo star asking to “bring in pretty young girls to be around” him.


Rose Locke Casting of Atlanta was in charge of finding extras for season two of the show but apparently severed ties with production because of the alleged mistreatment. The casting director wrote in an email:

“At the end of the day I resigned because it was a clear toxic environment that I was not comfortable putting myself or background artists in.”

See Rose’s and the Facebook group member’s full statements (below):

Tulsa King director Craig Zisk has since denied the claims to TMZ, claiming Rose brought in background artists in their 30s and 40s for a scene at a bar, which required actors in their 20s. He also claimed Sly’s wife Jennifer Flavin was on set and that no comments about “pretty young girls” was ever mentioned.

Uh huh. What are your thoughts? Sound OFF in the comments down below.

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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