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Former Kanye West Staffer Claims He Shared Nudes Of Female Friend, Praised Hitler, & Harassed Employees!

Former Kanye West Staffer Says He Shared Nudes Of Female Friend, Praised Hitler, & Harassed Employees!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

We are learning more about the new lawsuit Kanye West is facing this week, and it just keeps getting worse…

As you may recall, days ago, we reported on a suit filed by a man named Trevor Phillips. He was a Yeezy employee originally hired by the Hurricane rapper to work on the brand’s projects before Ye supposedly made him spin off and work at the short-lived and ill-fated (and also maybe soon-to-be resurrected?) Donda Academy before being fired at one of the rapper’s Sunday Services last May. Phillips sued the mogul this week, alleging Bianca Censori‘s husband threatened to shave students’ heads and lock them in cages at the school!! And now there’s more. SO much more.

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In addition to the Donda Academy claims, Phillips’ suit addressed other alleged Ye activities that are extremely unsettling. As reported by Page Six Thursday afternoon, the legal filing includes accusations the music mogul simulated masturbation in front of the staffer during what should have been a business meeting at Nobu Hotel in Malibu. Ye is also being accused of allegedly sharing with staffers the nude photos of a female friend, too.

The hotel situation allegedly started as soon as Phillips arrived for a meeting in late 2022. Ye was supposedly spewing antisemitic conspiracy theories and praising Adolf Hitler. Phillips tried to head that disturbing convo off at the pass. So, he changed the subject to what he saw on a television screen in the room at the time: The Batman star Zoë Kravitz. Phillips commented she was “pretty,” to which West allegedly agreed, but added:

“You look like Zoë Kravitz.”

Um… what? Phillips is a man, just for the record. And when he showed confusion at the… compliment?… the All Of The Lights rapper quickly backtracked and said he looked more like Lenny Kravitz:

“Yeah you look like her, but not like that. You are handsome like in a Lenny Kravitz type of way.”

Oookay? That’s kind of weird, and Phillips did note in the suit it caused him “discomfort.” But it’s not criminal… it’s just strange. What allegedly happened next, though, took a much more drastic turn. Phillips claimed:

“Just a few moments later while lying flat on the bed and staring up at the ceiling, Kanye began to make slow up and down motions with his hand just above his genitals — as though he was masturbating.”

Whoa. That’s a much more unnerving step WAY in the wrong direction. Remember, this is his BOSS! Phillips asserts things devolved even further from there, too. The Yeezy brand CEO allegedly claimed:

“I used to have orgies every day — at least two to three girls. And now, man, I can’t even lay down without jacking off.”

Next, Ye “forcefully and dramatically” used his hands to grab and pull at one another while “making the masturbatory gestures away from his crotch.” Like he was struggling to keep himself from, well, himself.


Phillips then claimed Ye went on:

“I got to keep my hand away from my phone to keep me away from looking at pornos.”

By that point, Phillips claimed in the court filing he was “totally shocked and distraught.” We would be, too. Again — this isn’t his pal, it’s his BOSS! And it still just kept getting WORSE!! West then picked up his phone to FaceTime an unnamed female friend. Phillips claimed in the lawsuit it was the same woman Ye had previously “flaunted nude pictures” of to a number of unsuspecting Yeezy staffers. During the video call, with Phillips still in the room and wanting out, Ye reportedly said to the woman:

“Next time I see you, you better make sure you are wearing the lingerie and the shoes I got you.”

By then, Phillips was feeling “troubled and uncomfortable,” and he wanted out. Then, a lucky break: room service showed up and interrupted Ye’s increasingly unhinged behavior with a food delivery. As for why Phillips didn’t leave the hotel sooner, he also shared a heartbreaking reason for that in his new lawsuit — he was hoping to protect his younger brother, his daughter, and other children at Ye’s school:

“[Phillips] felt a duty to his schoolchildren, including his younger brother and also daughter who both attended Donda Academy, not only to educate them but also now insulate them.”

Ugh. That part is heartbreaking. It’s bad enough to suffer through all of the Flashing Lights rapper’s alleged rants and simulated masturbation and other boorish behavior. But to think of the downstream effects it could have on innocent and unsuspecting kids in his orbit… that’s just terrible.

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