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tara reid special forces quote of the day

“I wanted to get over certain issues that I have deep inside and I thought if I could do this, try this [go on Special Forces], maybe I can get over some of the things that I have, like the dark side inside of me. And a lot of it’s about bullying. And I thought, okay, if I could do this show, and they do bully you completely. And, and if I can do this and get over that, maybe I won’t be so hurt, when things happen. Like it will make me stronger. And that’s the reason why I did this show. And in real life. I’m so glad I did it because it really, it didn’t really help me. It made me learn my strength, my mental strength, my inner strength, not necessarily my physical strength. But I learned a lot about myself and and I came back feeling like a better person. I think we all have like a bit darkness inside. Our feelings have been hurt. Family has passed away, you know, just just a lot of things that you hold inside your body.” – Tara Reid via Los Angeles Inquisitor, on why she accepted the offer of going on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test 

[Image via FOX/YouTube/MEGA/WENN.]

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