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'Shaken' Taylor Swift Called Travis Kelce In Panic When News Of Kansas City Shooting Reached Australia

Taylor Swift Called Travis Kelce From Australia Kansas City Shooting

Taylor Swift had an experience this week that far too many parents and loved ones have been facing for years now in this country. She learned of a mass shooting in the vicinity of those she cared about.

We’ve seen a lot in the past couple days about the tragic shooting that marred Wednesday’s Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City. But in those early moments, all we really knew was there was yet another shooting at a big public event. And when the people you love are at those events, the terror can be overwhelming. F**king shockingly, we actually are guessing a lot of our readers already know what we’re talking about. That’s how common they’ve gotten.

For Taylor, of course Travis Kelce, her boyfriend of over six months, was right there on the stage outside Union Station, along with his fellow Kansas City Chiefs. And her new bestie Brittany Mahomes, wife of QB Patrick, with whom she’s quickly developed a strong bond, was close by, too. But all Tay could do was call — because she was halfway around the world!

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After partying post-Super Bowl the pop star had to jet off straight to Melbourne for the next leg of her Eras tour, so she had arrived hours earlier. The shooting began about 1:48 p.m. KC local time, and the difference to Australia meant it was actually… nearly 6:00 a.m. the next day over there! Having to learn of such a shocking event so early in the morning, you can imagine how terrified she must have been! A source told on Friday:

“Taylor was extremely worried when she heard of the shooting, as expected. She got on the phone with Travis right away and was so incredibly relieved to hear his voice.”

After that panicked call, Taylor also reached out to her pal:

“She spoke to Brittany too and they were shaken up by this tragedy.”

Yes, thankfully neither Travis nor the rest of the team or WAGs were hurt. Unfortunately a local DJ named Lisa Lopez-Galvan was killed, and nearly two dozen were shot — over half of which were children.

Taylor was so moved by the tragic events in Kansas City, she’s already donated $100k to Lisa’s family. Trav has thus far donated to two children who were shot and will do more in the coming days. The insider added about Taylor’s gesture:

“She was heartbroken to hear of the death and she hopes her donation helps. She has so much love for the Kansas City community and is sending all her love and support.”

Have you experienced what Taylor did? Have you heard about a loved one being close to a shooting and been unable to do anything? Let us know in the comments (below).

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[Image via NFL/Kansas City Chiefs/YouTube.]

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