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Taylor Swift’s Concerts Are So Popular Even GHOSTS Appear To Be Showing Up -- LOOK!

Taylor Swift’s Concerts Are So Popular Even GHOSTS Appear To Be Showing Up!

Taylor Swift has seemingly caught the attention of the supernatural!

A new video from the Eras Tour in Madrid last week has gone viral and is sparking dozens of conspiracy theories after a strange figure was seen watching the show from a possibly restricted area!

In the clip, a fan filmed the stadium before panning directly across the way and zooming in on a shadowy backlight figure — which looked a lot like a human. The figure was dancing along to Delicate and standing all alone above the regular seating, at one of the highest points of the venue. The unusual sighting has now sparked some HIGHlarious reactions from Swifties on X (Twitter) — and the theories are crazy!

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First, see the spooky sighting for yourself:


And here are all the WILD guesses on who — or what — might’ve been lurking in the distance (below):


“Dancing phantoms on the terrace”

“someone snuck into the stadium

“That’s Joe Alwyn

“is he playing a guitar??? up there???”

“It’s peter pan or peter parker not sure”

“dude looks like….The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived”

Scooter [Braun] still harassing her i see”

“Its Matty Healy actually”

“it’s Kanye [West]”

Literally name any man whose done TayTay wrong, and it was a guess. LOLz!

Though others called BS on the fun theories, pointing out:

“the ‘mysterious figure’ just being a person”


Well, aren’t they some party poopers. Hah! TBH, it’s way more fun to think it was an extraterrestrial watching the show considering the new alien moment in the TTPD section!

How on theme! LMFAO!

Reactions?! Let us know (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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