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Taylor Swift Fan Compares 'Unsafe' Rainy Nashville Show To Travis Scott's Deadly Astroworld

Taylor Swift Fan Compares ‘Unsafe’ Nashville Rain Show To Travis Scott’s Deadly Astroworld

A frustrated Taylor Swift fan is calling her out for how “unsafe” her latest show in Nashville was — going so far as to compare it to Travis Scott‘s Astroworld!

On Tuesday, a woman named Andrea (@fantastic__fiction) posted a lengthy TikTok in which she expressed her feelings about what it was really like to attend Sunday night’s rainy show at Nissan Stadium. If you haven’t heard, due to a lightning storm, fans had to shelter in place for more than three hours at the stadium. Ultimately, the Anti-Hero artist did take the stage, but the entire show didn’t start until 10:30 p.m. Wild!

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Prefacing her complaints, the fan insisted she’s one of TayTay’s “biggest fans,” but even that wasn’t enough for her to enjoy her night at The Eras Tour. She said:

“I love Taylor Swift with all my heart. I’m one of her biggest fans. But I felt uncomfortable, unsafe and terrified at some points.”

The fan had VIP tickets, so when the rain began, she and the others on the floor had to go “underneath the stadium seats where the concessions are.” As you can imagine, the place got packed quickly! She reflected:

“At first, it was a little crowded, but it was fine. But for three and a half of those four hours, I was standing shoulder to shoulder with nowhere to go. … I’m 5 feet tall, so everyone was towering over me.”

Four hours of that would be stressful! This is when Andrea started to feel terrified for her safety, she claimed:

“It got really tight in there. I literally thought it was going to be, like, another Travis Scott fatality. I’ve never been so scared for my life. I couldn’t leave. I couldn’t move. There was nowhere to go.”


Sounds like the stadium was really unprepared for an emergency like this!

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Andrea also claimed that security at the venue was being “aggressive” and that paramedics struggled to get through the crowd to help people before the singer took the stage, she remembered:

“Multiple people are dropping left and right and fainting.”

Sounds chaotic, for sure. But is it the same as what happened at Astroworld? Viewers are definitely divided.

As Perezcious readers know, in November 2021, 10 people died from compression asphyxia after a “crowd crush” broke out during the music festival. It was an absolute tragedy, to say the least. So, considering all this, many viewers clapped back at the TikToker for comparing her inconvenience to a deadly scenario. She has now disabled comments on her post, but under a separate TikTok video, users reacted:

“No way she compared it to the Travis Scott concert”

“as someone who was actually at astroworld 2021, she could literally never imagine what that was like. as soon as she made the comment I had to stop.”

“why is she complaining about the weather like she didnt purchase tickets to an outdoor venue LMAO.”

That said, others who attended the show agreed with her perspective, noting:

“I know people are calling her dramatic, but I was there on Sunday and it did get really bad at some points when they finally let us in.”

“Besides using Astroworld comparision, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Y’all act like she was being unreasonable”

“Y’all she’s not attacking taylor for what happened, just expressing her discomfort that was mainly the weather/venue’s fault”

It’s definitely a bold comparison, but no one should be hating on the fan for discussing how she felt during a stressful concert experience. Hear her discuss all her feelings on the matter (below):


Update on last night. #nashvilletheerastour #taylorswifttheerastour

♬ original sound – Fantastic Fiction

Thoughts? What do you think of her Astroworld comment? Let us know (below).

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Avalon]

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