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Taylor Swift Has Apparently Forgiven This Singer After He Dissed Her Music Last Year

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Is she not merciful??

Taylor Swift showed she’s still able to shake it off with the best of them during Sunday’s Grammys ceremony. We’re not even talking about whatever was going on with that Olivia Rodrigo beef. No, this was with a singer from a few years ago… We’re talking about Rufus Wainwright!

Back in November the Oh What A World singer was on Kyle Meredith With…, and he got to talking about how “vapid and predictable” the music industry was. And it was in that context he started talking about Tay?! Yeesh!

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He said:

“My daughter is really into Taylor Swift right now so I’ve really been going through the education of that. It’s fascinating. I wanna remain open-minded and I think it’s very impressive what she does, and there’s a lot of stuff I could never even dream of accomplishing.”

But it ended up being kind of a backhanded compliment! Because he continued:

“On the way to school it’s a constant thing and there’s certain songs I like more than others… It hasn’t happened for me yet with Taylor, but I’m not saying it won’t.”

It “hasn’t happened” yet?! He respects what she does but can’t get into it? Not what you want to hear from a fellow songwriter! It’s not exactly an insult, but it sure as hell ain’t a compliment either, y’know?

But we guess Tay didn’t take it personally. Because she happily posed for pics with Rufus at the Grammys on Sunday night!

“An enchanting woman and artist.” Something tells us he didn’t mention to her how it just “hasn’t happened” for him yet.

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Rufus Wainwright/YouTube.]

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