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Taylor Swift Security Guard Fired For Being Too Big A Fan?!

Taylor Swift Security Guard Fired For Being Too Big A Fan?!

This Eras Tour security guard was allegedly fired for being a Swiftie!

ICYMI, at Taylor Swift‘s Minneapolis tour stop in June, a security guard named Calvin Decker went viral for jamming out during the concert. A video posted by Alisa Maloney on TikTok started making its rounds, where he can be seen singing along to some of the songs as Tay Tay performs on stage behind him. She wrote in the caption at the time:

“Security guard carried section A2!

Ch-ch-check out the video (below):


Security guard carried section A2! ???? @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation #taylorswift #erastour #tstheerastour #minneapoliststheerastour

♬ original sound – Alisa Maloney

After the original clip went viral on the video-sharing platform, he responded by dueting Alisa and explaining what it was like for him to work at The Eras Tour as a security guard:

“After night one, I was realizing how close Taylor Swift was getting to me, so I really wanted to get a photo to document it. So I handed down these little pieces of paper that said I wasn’t allowed to have my phone out, but if Taylor Swift comes right behind me, please take a photo of me and text it to my number. And I handed this out to a couple of people in the front row for night two and they were really kind and really sweet about it.”


My security job for Taylor Swift #theerastour #taylorswift #minneapoliserastour #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Calvin Denker

So fun!

According to the T-Swizzle super fan, though — it cost him his job!

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Last week, he shared what he called an “unexpected update” in the saga. In the video, the former security guard explained he’d been fired by Best Crowd Management for asking for those photos. Apparently the company has a policy against staff taking pics with performers for safety reasons:

“Beyond that, the HR woman who called me wasn’t able to articulate exactly what I did wrong, because I didn’t do anything beyond asking for photos, which is what happens at any other concert, with the only exception being that I made sure I got any that I was included in.”

Calvin went on to maintain his innocence, saying he didn’t believe he did anything wrong:

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Aug 24, 2023 16:59pm PDT