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Taylor Swift & NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's Super Bowl Convo Drives Conspiracy Theorists Wild!

Taylor Swift Talking Roger Goodell Super Bowl Conspiracy

Well, this is catnip for NFL conspiracy theorists!

For the entire back half of this season, the more unhinged Taylor Swift haters have been spreading the wildest theories. Mostly we’ve heard the Super Bowl is going to be scripted so that the Kansas City Chiefs win and Travis Kelce can propose to Tay afterward. Or that she’ll come out on the field and tell people to vote for Joe Biden. Whatever they want to happen least, we guess.

In any case, it’s all a bunch of nonsense — but with fuel like this we doubt that fire will go out any time soon…

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Tay was filmed having a polite convo with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in her VIP suite before the game, and it’s driving those folks out of their minds! Ch-ch-check out the moment (below)!

Here’s a taste of the reactions…

“I’d like to make a couple of changes to the script”

“Yup the chiefs definitely winning”


“when kelce catches the game winning touchdown we’ll escort you down to the field, but don’t run up to him until the confetti flys”

“She’s paying for the chiefs to win lol”

“What quarter is she going to endorse Biden”

FFS… It’s just a polite convo, y’all! Goodell talks to folks, of course he’s chatting with a woman who single-handedly boosted his organization’s ratings! Oh well, there’s just no convincing some people.

What do YOU think about the Taylor NFL conspiracy theories??

[Image via Tonight Show/New Heights/YouTube/WENN.]

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Feb 11, 2024 17:15pm PDT