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Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans Describes TERRIFYING Story Of ‘Random Stranger’ Trying To Break In!

Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans Describes TERRIFYING Story Of ‘Random Stranger’ Trying To Break In!

Jenelle Evans had the scariest night EVER recently!

On Thursday, the Teen Mom star took to TikTok to share an absolutely bone-chilling story about an attempted break-in she was the victim of over the weekend. She said that in the middle of the night, her Ring camera went off — right at the same time her three dogs started barking like crazy. She got up to check it out and saw a random stranger who WASN’T her husband at her back door!


The 32-year-old said she ran to wake up her 14-year-old son Jace to tell him they had an “intruder,” and when she returned to the sliding back door, the man was “yanking” on it. The mother of three recalled:

“He was yanking as hard as he could on my back door. I’m sitting there freaking out, I ended up calling 911. It’s the most terrifying conversation I’ve ever had with 911 in my life. I legit turned into, like, a little baby and was crying my eyes out. I was terrified.”

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She went on to reveal that the scary intruder ended up breaking the lock on her door, but couldn’t get in because of a security “stick” in the door’s sliding track.

How chilling…

Jenelle noted that she DOES have a gun, but didn’t want to use it to avoid creating an even more “traumatic event” for her son, who saw the whole thing go down. Eventually, the stranger ended up leaving and apparently even APOLOGIZED — footage she says she has on her Ring — and then disappeared into the woods on her 10-acre property.


The police eventually arrived, and as of now, everything still under investigation. Watch her full video (below):


Part 1: My house was broken into last Saturday 02/24/2024 and this is my story ???? #StoryTime #Intruder #BreakingandEntering

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SO scary. We’re glad she and her family are okay.

What are your thoughts? Let us know down in the comments.

[Images via Jenelle Evans/TikTok]

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