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Did Tess Holliday Unfollow A Woman For Losing Weight??

Are before-and-after pics harmful? Is the body positive movement disingenuous?
Some serious questions came up after a woman revealed body positive model Tess Holliday unfollowed her on Instagram — and told her it was because of her weight loss photos!
Jenny Lee Molina posted her disappointment Wednesday over finding out her body positive role model had unfollowed her.
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Moreover, when she reached out to find out why, Tess told her it was because her weight loss photos were “triggering” and “not body positive.”
Molina has lost 80 lbs over the past year after a scary diagnosis of prediabetes from her doctor.
She’s been posting photos of her journey along the way — and when she finally lost enough weight to show a side-by-side, she got dropped by her inspiration. See her story (below):

Jenny got more in depth on her IG Story, including posting screenshots of her text conversation with Tess:
Jenny Lee Tess Holliday Instagram Story
Jenny Lee Tess Holliday Instagram Story
Jenny Lee Tess Holliday Instagram Story
Jenny Lee Tess Holliday Instagram Story
Jenny Lee Tess Holliday Screenshot 1
Jenny Lee Tess Holliday Screenshot 2
Jenny Lee Tess Holliday Screenshot 3
Jenny Lee Tess Holliday Instagram Story
Jenny Lee Tess Holliday Instagram Story
She then posted:
Jenny Lee Tess Holliday Instagram Story 7
Ultimately, Jenny came to her own conclusion, which she explained in another lengthy post:

View this post on Instagram

#tbt to 2015! ❤️ The truth is, I felt beautiful and sexy then and I feel beautiful and sexy ???? now… sure, I often felt self conscious because as a fat girl you struggle with finding your place, people often project their own insecurities too. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve always looked up to @tessholliday’s @effyourbeautystandards movement. These pictures are from the photo shoot ???? I paid $750 for in order to meet and by styled by @tessholliday back then, I own her book and merch and I’ll always be grateful for her encouraging words that day. It was a fabulous day that included hair and make up while hanging with someone I’ve looked up to since 2014, when she was still #TessMunster and not signed to a major modeling contract yet. Her comments really got to me because I never want to portray an image that promotes one body type over another and understand that there is a fine line. Perception is reality. I want to remind you all that in the end, it’s about your HEALTH and how you FEEL and while I felt great here… I gained another 50lbs after these pictures were taken in the name of “I can be fat and fabulous, I can eat whatever I want.” That mentality is also dangerous and as a result I found myself feeling the worse I’ve ever felt, struggling with sleep apnea and tired all the time, with high cholesterol and pre-diabetes. I made the choice to lose weight because of the way I felt, not motivated by the way I looked but there should be no shame in also wanting to look better, either! The point I want to make is love yourself ???? no matter where you are in your journey and be honest with yourself. Your body is your temple, it carries us through this beautiful life and the only one who needs to be happy in it is you! So yes, #effyourbeautystandards all day… but losing weight and celebrating your hard work isn’t selling out the #bodypositive movement as long as you recognize that we are all beautiful and not “fat shaming” others in the process. I have never bashed my before body as Tess claimed but that’s her opinion. What radiates within us and the love we give ourselves and others is truly the only beauty that really matters. ✨

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What do YOU think, Perezcious readers?
[Image via Jenny Lee/Instagram/Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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