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DeMario Jackson Says Tapes Of 'Consensual' Encounter With Corinne Olympios Will Vindicate Him In Bachelor In Paradise Scandal

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Well, DeMario Jackson sure sounds confident about the potential end result of this Bachelor In Paradise scandal involving him and Corinne Olympios.
As we learned earlier today, Corinne’s story allegedly doesn’t jive with sources who have direct knowledge of exactly what BIP producers caught on tape — and now it looks like DeMario is moving in on trying to clear his name from the fluid situation.
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Speaking by way of his attorney, Walter Mosley, Jackson and his team released a statement outlining carefully that he believes he will ultimately be vindicated after having done nothing wrong.
The statement read, in part (below):

“The tapes will show that everyone, all of the participants of The Bachelor, everyone was consenting to what was going on. And certainly his interaction with Corrine was a consensual interaction. I have no fears. This is not a criminal investigation. If there was enough for an investigation. Then there’s about 30 other people who all work for ABC or Warner Bros. who need to be investigated for aiding and abetting because they’re all sitting there watching with the cameras.”

And Mosley continued on describing what Jackson had went through in this highly controversial week (below):

“He’s leaning on his family right now, seeing his doctors, getting help, treatment, and therapy. Taking it day by day. He’s smart, well-educated, a fun-loving man. There’s a lot of elements here that are difficult for everyone. He’s a strong young man but this has been difficult for him. You can imagine that this is emotionally traumatic for him.”

Emotionally traumatic for him — and yet for Olympios, too.
Whatever is going on, get past the gossip-y reality stuff The Bachelor is famous for and you’ll hopefully find that it’s very unfortunate to watch something so serious play out in such a public sphere.
Let’s hope for everybody’s sake this gets sorted out properly and professionally soon.
[Image via ABC.]

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Jun 17, 2017 15:59pm PDT