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See Ya, Pilot Pete: Bachelor Alum Madison Prewett Has Reportedly Moved On To This New Guy!

Are Madison Prewett and Connor Saeil really dating?

UPDATE 3/30/20 11:06 A.M. PT: Whelp, we all spoke too soon. Madison took to IG Live on Friday and shared she and Conor are not together:

“We are not together. I am not with anyone right now. I am just focusing on myself and taking it one day at a time. So, there’s that.”

Pilot Pete’s ex did call the former Bachelorette contestant “really sweet” and said:

“He seems like a really sweet guy and he, like, reached out right after the finale and just sent some encouragement and some support. Really sweet, but that is it.”

Case closed… for now!


So much for pilot Peter Weber… it appears one of his lady loves from this past season of The Bachelor has moved all the way on already!

Madison Prewett, who infamously made it to the final rose ceremony with Pete only for some, uhh, trouble to pop up, appears to have already gone and replaced the guy with another hunky young man. And here’s the kicker: Bachelor Nation knows this new love interest pretty well, too!

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The new romance rumblings all started on Sunday night, and they all involved one man: Connor Saeli, who famously appeared on the hit reality TV show a season earlier, during Hannah Brown‘s leading go at The Bachelorette.

Relationship rumors hit hard Sunday night after Connor jumped onto an Instagram Live video chat with fellow Bachelorette alum and reality TV co-star Mike Johnson. The guys, both content to stay out of the spotlight and practice proper social distancing, had a lot to catch up on in conversation since being apart, and eventually, Mike started grilling Connor about his love life, and the show’s upcoming Bachelor in Paradise season.

At one point, Mike asked Connor (below):

“If a certain individual goes [to Paradise], would you go?”

No names named there, but the buff single guy responded in kind, saying:

“Sure, yeah. It was tough going on last year and having it not work for me in the end. It was a little disappointing to see all the happy couples.”


Madison Prewett defends herself from Peter's mom Barbara.
Madison went through hell and back in that brutal Bachelor final episode! / (c) Bachelor ABC/YouTube

But not content to leave things there, Mike quickly got even more personal with Connor, straight up asking him about the Alabama native and Auburn University super-fan:

“So what’s up with you and Madison?”

That gets right to the heart of things, doesn’t it?! Ever the sly, coy devil in response, Connor shot back with a smile:

“I don’t know, we’ll see. I can’t give you anything.”

Hmmm… very, very interesting, indeed! Of course, E! News reached out for Madison’s side of the story, and an insider was none too quick to temper all that excitement, saying to the outlet:

“Connor DM’d Madison sending her words of support After the Rose finale. It was purely platonic. No further conversations happened after the fact. Madi has been focusing on moving forward with her life by spending quality time with her family.”

Shoot… now we’re more confused than ever! But sliding into her DMs is pretty forward and bold. Good move, Connor!!!

What’ll it be Madi?! A fling (or more) with the new (old) Bachelor Nation alum?! Living the single life unabashedly like fellow Alabama native Hannah Brown? So many questions!!!

[Image via Madison Prewett/Connor Saeli/Instagram]

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