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Sandlot Star Recreates CLASSIC Movie Moment With His 4-Year-Old Son! This Is SO Cute!

This Sandlot star hilariously recreated a CLASSIC scene from the movie with his own son!

This is the cutest video you’ll see all day!

Patrick Renna, who infamously played Ham Porter — AKA the beefy “you’re killing me, Smalls!” power hitter — in The Sandlot, is giving us ALL the nostalgic feels today!

The now-42-year-old former child actor shared an adorable video to TikTok and Instagram this week showing the world how he deals with his own now-4-year-old son’s baseball injuries. And it’s going to be very familiar to Sandlot fans!

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In the clip, which you can see (below), Renna refers to his son Flynn as “Smalls,” just like in the movie, and explains that the poor kid suffered his first black eye from being hit with a baseball.

To treat it, then, Renna picks up a tip from the classic 1993 movie and… slaps a steak on it! No, really! Ch-ch-check it out (below):


LOVE it!

And just like Patrick says… if you know, you know!

That thing will heal up nice and quickly now, Flynn, and you’ll be back on the ball field in no time!

[Image via Patrick Renna/Instagram/YouTube]

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Jun 04, 2021 14:00pm PDT