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Jax Taylor Tells Brittany Cartwright To Stop Drinking & 'Act Like A Mom'! Damn!

Jax Taylor Tells Brittany Cartwright To ‘Act Like A Mom’ And Stop Drinking!

Jax Taylor called out Brittany Cartwright for her drinking habits! And she was NOT here for it!

In the latest episode of The Valley out on Tuesday, the ill-fated husband and wife were seen butting heads after Jax encouraged Brittany to enjoy a night out — only to get “mad” at her afterward! In one argument, Jax explained that he gets upset with his wife when she comes “home wasted” and disturbs him while he sleeps. Seriously! Replying in a confessional, Brittany reflected:

“I love Jax but I literally try to be positive and happy and Jax is a lot of the time moody and negative. A lot of the times I feel like we balance each other out in a way but otherwise, I am like, ‘I gotta get out of here. I gotta go do something fun.’”

And she had his permission! Jax actually  encouraged her to have fun and get “drunk” with her friends on a group trip!

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On the way there, the 35-year-old mother brought up her frustrations with Janet Caperna, saying:

“The guys are so hypocritical and have all these double standards sometimes. It is so annoying. Like the other day, I was not feeling good and Jax kept making it worse. He actually goes out way more than I do. Which I don’t even care. He comes home drunk but if I do then it is the worst thing in the world.”

Not fair at all! A flashback then showed Jax scolding his When Reality Hits podcast co-host for feeling hungover, yelling at her:

“You know better. Enough is enough. Stop f**king drinking. You want to have more kids? Act like a mom.”

Jeez! Just ’cause she’s a mom doesn’t mean she has to stop drinking! Unless this is a bigger problem?? In a confessional, Janet was understanding of Jax’s concerns, saying:

“Sometimes I am a little concerned about how lit Brittany is getting, I’ll be honest. But at the same time, she is married to Jax Taylor.”


It’s one thing to be slamming a mother for having a fun night out now and then, that’s obviously ridiculous — it’s completely different if you think there’s a real problem. So far, it’s hard to tell what the Bravo stars really believe is going on here, but Jax did express more of his worry later on.

After Britt returned home and was feeling especially sick, the pair sat down to chat about her evening the night prior. The 44-year-old model was quick to call his baby momma out for going way too hard, complaining:

“You came home throwing up all over the place. There was literally a bag of vomit in the driveway. I want you to have fun but I didn’t think you were going to come home puking. I don’t understand why you can’t go out and have a couple of drinks. Why do you have to go to the point of throwing up?”

Brittany stood her ground, declaring she wouldn’t let the bar owner make her feel “guilty” for doing the same thing he does. She again pointed out how he goes out as much as she does — but never gets reprimanded. The Vanderpump Rules alum’s response? He argued it was different because he doesn’t get to the point of vomiting! He added in a confessional:

“I am a little worried because not only is she my wife but she’s a mother. We need you. If you keep this up, you are going to destroy your body. There’s other ways to have a good time. We live in California, you can smoke a joint. You can do other things.”

He keeps playing that mother card! Makes it seem like he’s less concerned about an actual addiction problem and more worried about optics! Maybe? But it’s her body, she should be able to drink if she wants (and so long as she’s not putting her 3-year-old in harm’s way, which she isn’t).

But what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Is Jax being hypocritical or truly looking out for his partner’s best interests? Let us know (below)!

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