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MTV has lost all touch with their core audience!

Over the weekend, the former youth network unveiled their new Viacom-funded Lauren Conrad collection, clothes for girls that The Hills star allegedly designed herself.

You see all three of those outfits above? They each are on sale for $135 or more!!!!! Seriously!

We are stunned but not surprise. It just goes to show you how clueless MTV is these days.

We thought for sure they would have gone in the Amanda Bynes or Sarah Jessica Parker direction, selling cute clothes at affordable priced ($20 or less).

Instead, MTV wants to gauge their audience and charge way too much for clothes that you could get for a fraction of the cost at H&M, Forever 21 or Hot Topic.

You see that scarf LC is wearing on top? Even THAT is overpriced, retailing for $29.99.

$30 for a scarf??? Insane!

Click here to check out the new Lauren Conrad collection, fug clothes at even uglier prices.

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Sep 16, 2007 20:29pm PDT