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TikToker Dishes On 'Nightmare' Victoria's Secret Model Roommate -- She Kept POO In Her Suitcase?!

TikToker Dishes On 'Nightmare' Victoria's Secret Model Roommate -- She Kept POO In Her Suitcase?!

An influencer is airing out all of her old roommate’s dirty laundry! And we mean DIRTY!!!

Earlier this month, TikTok star Taylor Paré left her followers’ jaws on the ground when she told a story about her former roommate in NYC — and now the tea has gone viral and the internet is dubbing it “poopgate”! While telling the story, Taylor makes it clear she’s not going to name any names, but there’s a good chance you know her old pal — because now she’s apparently a famous Victoria’s Secret model (not pictured above)!

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At the beginning of the video, the TikToker says she’s kept this story under wraps for a decade — but no more:

“When I first moved to New York City I lived with a Victoria’s Secret model who had a secret and I kept it for 10 years but let’s get into it. We met when she first moved here, we had mutual friends in the nightlife scene. We went out a good bit together. She ended up moving into the same apartment as me and a bunch of models, but right off the bat, the vibes were off.”

As time went on, Taylor says the unnamed roommate would frequently be caught up in lies about who she was meeting with and where she was going, throwing around big names in the fashion industry such as Naomi Campbell:

“She was also younger than everyone so I thought maybe it was just an insecurity thing … She’d lie about who she was, where she came from, mutual friends, stories, like things that happened recently and also things that happened in her childhood.”

This isn’t where the issues stopped, though. The influencer says after this, things began to escalate past just little white lies. She claims the roommate began taking items from other girls in the house — such as prescription drugs, makeup, skincare, and clothes. It wasn’t until Taylor actually allegedly caught the model wearing one of her shirts, which still had makeup stains on it from days prior, did she confront her roommate about her behavior:

“I had a glass of wine, so I confront the girl and I say ‘nice shirt’. And she’s like ‘yeah, I got it on set with this campaign’ … I’m like ‘literally it has my makeup on it, dude. You’re not slick’ … She gets dressed and goes to the Harper Bazaar’s Icon Party and I have another glass of wine and look at the girls and say ‘Girls I know what I’m doing tonight, I’m going through all of her stuff.’ And that’s exactly what I did.”

Absolutely nothing could’ve prepared her for what she supposedly found, though…

While rummaging through her roommate’s bedroom, Taylor claims, she came upon a suitcase full of items she believes the roommate had taken from other girls in the house. On top of that, she claims this model wouldn’t throw anything away, and just stuffed trash — including used tampons and used toilet paper — in her suitcase along with her clothes. USED TOILET PAPER, Y’ALL! She recalled:

“You’d see like poo on them. It was so foul. I still have the pictures on my phone to this day of the contents of that suitcase.”


It was at this point the rest of the girls living in the apartment decided it was time for her to go — so they kicked out the unnamed roommate. But apparently it didn’t slow down this model’s career:

“Because of that alone we kicked her out that day. We still see her around but it’s really awkward. Oh, and now she’s like super famous and doing really well. And ever since that summer, she’s blown up and just makes so much money.”

See the video for yourself (below):


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Wow… that’s certainly a wild story! And on top of that, now the girl is supposedly famous?! This isn’t the first time we’ve heard stories about celebs being downright disgusting before fame, but what do U think about this, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via The Weeknd/YouTube/Taylor Paré/TikTok]

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