Tila Tequila Reveals She Actually Believes The Earth Is Flat In A Twitter Rant You Need To See To Believe!

Well, this happened.

Strangely enough, this doesn’t surprise us one bit.

We learned pretty quickly that Tila Tequila is just a tad off her rocker after she went on a pro-Hitler Facebook rant a few years back that got her kicked off the social media site.

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In her latest — yet MUCH less offensive — online escapade, the 34-year-old attempts to debunk one of the oldest scientific theories in the book.

On Thursday, the momma-of-one took to Twitter to exclaim that the Earth is flat, not round like it was proven THOUSANDS of years ago.

Seriously, we can’t make this sh*t up. Ready for Tila to rock your round — or flat, whatever — world? Ch-ch-check out her thought-provoking tweets (below)!

Now, Perezcious readers, keep in mind that the TV personality isn’t one to just blindly make claims like this. She even included some hard-hitting evidence to back up her theory:

Oh, and for the record, she was FULLY prepared to challenge any nonbelievers who are still adamant that the Earth is round:

And if you thought that maybe a photo of the planet’s round shape taken from outer space might shut her up, the MTV alum sees right through that apparent bullsh*t:

Because NASA certainly isn’t a credible source or anything:

And for those of you who are concerned about falling off this flat Earth, rest assured that you are safe. Or at least trapped, as the pint-sized personality so aptly puts it:

And if there are any more skeptics out there, Tila has ever so graciously shared with you proof, once and for all, that the world is flat in the form of this hour-and-a-half “documentary”:

Oh, on an unrelated note, she apparently is the mastermind behind Donald Trump, which — after this rant — would actually make a lot of sense:

So basically, if you’re ever in the mood for some serious insanity, just check out Tila’s Twitter.

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Jan 8, 2016 7:50pm PST

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