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Tom Arnold Reveals Dramatic 75-Lb Weight Loss After Suffering ‘Mini Stroke’

Tom Arnold Weight Loss After Stroke

Tom Arnold has made some drastic changes — and he’s looking healthier and happier than ever!

The True Lies actor is putting his health first after he experienced a major wake-up call earlier this year. In a Thursday interview with Us Weekly, he explained:

“It all started in January. I was giving the kids a bath and turned around to count to 10 when suddenly my vision in my right eye went black as if there was a curtain coming down over my eye.”

Whoa, so scary… He revealed:

“I had a mini-stroke. I checked into the hospital for the 24-hour stroke protocol. As a 63-year-old single father of a 9 and 6-year-old, it was scary.”

Thank goodness he was able to contact emergency services before things went too downhill! That would have been tragic for his young children — something undoubtedly on his mind!

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The Roseanne alum added:

“On top of all this, I had massive organ failure two years ago. My doctor changed my medication, but I knew I needed to make bigger changes because I really dropped the ball on self-care.”

Sheesh, it was really a one-two punch that lit a fire in Tom. It’s sad that it happened this way, but we’re just glad he is taking health more seriously now!

The health scares also left him thinking about his children, 9-year-old Jax Copeland and 6-year-old Quinn Sophie, which he shares with ex-wife Ashley Groussman. The thought of leaving them prematurely motivated him to make contact with 36-year-old lifestyle coach Charles D’Angelo in order to shape up and improve his quality of life. Tom explained:

“He really stresses the importance of emotions and thinking about what you deserve. That was a huge game-changer for me.”

You deserve health and happiness, Tom, and we’re glad you’re seeing that now too! He continued:

“Charles told me about his own personal story of losing 160 lbs and changing his life, and how he was on a mission to help others. He offered to help me when and if I wanted to make serious changes in my life, and he’s persistent in trying to help those he feels called to. Following my health scare this past winter, I finally decided to take him up on his offer and I’m so glad I did.”

The two first met at a charity event hosted by none other than fellow fitness fiend (and Tom’s co-star) Arnold Schwarzenegger, where they had an instant connection upon discussing their respective issues with weight. Since then, the actor has lost a total of 75lbs, going from 280lbs to 210lbs! Wow!

What a difference, as Tom showed off earlier this month!

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As for now, the 63-year-old would “like to lose a little more,” but is overall very “happy” and feels “great” where he currently is, explaining:

“I’m in touch with my body. I used to only look at my face in the mirror. Now, I deal with it.”

You go, Tom! Body positivity for the win! He’s in such a good place that he’s even considering hitting the dating scene — territory he hasn’t treaded in 5 years!

“My friends would try to set me up with someone and I always avoided it. I realized I was avoiding it because I just didn’t feel great about me. It’s a lot easier to let yourself go when the only people who see you with your shirt off are your kids. The thought of dating is a little scary for me, I’m a work in progress but everybody deserves human contact, even me.”

Aren’t we all works in progress, Tom? It’s just about putting yourself out there!

He concluded with a statement for others who may be in similar situations: 

“If I can do this, anyone can. I lost  75 lbs without starving myself and without missing workouts. Some days you don’t feel like doing it, and that’s OK. Get healthy and have others keep you accountable. It’s all possible.”

Happiness looks good on you, Tom! What do YOU think of his DRAMATIC weight loss, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Tom Arnold/Instagram.]

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