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Tom Hanks Screams At Fans To 'BACK THE F**K OFF' After Almost Hurting His Wife Rita Wilson! WOW!

Tom Hanks Screams At Pack Of Fans To ‘Back The F**k Off’ After Almost Hurting His Wife! WOW!

Who knew he had this in him?!

Tom Hanks is usually as charming as ever when interacting with fans, but Wednesday night was a big exception to that! The actor was just caught standing up for his wife, Rita Wilson, after a crowd of fans got way too pushy! And tbh, we’re impressed with how fast and fiercely he came to his wife’s aid!!

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In a new video obtained by TMZ, Tom and Rita were seen leaving a building in New York City and heading to an awaiting car nearby. But to get there, they had to pass a large group of paparazzi and fans waiting for selfies and autographs. Tom was initially sweet, nodding to people as he walked by — but that all changed in a split second!

When the crowd began to swarm around the couple, things got too hectic for the Elvis star to handle, especially when his wife was nearly trampled!! In the clip (below), Rita is heard screeching after a least one person body-slammed into her back. She then yells in a panic:

“Guys! Stop it!”

At this point, Tom steps in, placing his hand on two men as he pushed them away from the actress. She made it safely into the car while her hubby had a word with the aggressive crowd, yelling:

“That’s my wife! Back the f**k off!”

Damn! Don’t mess with Tom!!

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He looked MAD AF as he watched the fans (with a scary death glare, might we add) as they stood around wondering how the situation got so out of hand. Still frustrated, the 65-year-old added with baffled anger:

“Knocking over my wife!?”

A few people could be heard apologizing but it wasn’t enough to get them their selfies. Tom beelined for the car while an apparent security guard kept others at bay. Whoa!

According to TMZ, once the Forrest Gump alum was inside the car, the crowd began finger-pointing to figure out who the person at fault was. One person claimed someone else pushed him into Rita. You can see the drama unfold for yourself (below)!

Reps for the couple have yet to comment on the situation, but it’s pretty clear how they feel about the situation! And for good reason. Things could have gotten a lot worse if Rita had been pushed all the way to the ground. Tom may have gotten a bit heated, but at least things didn’t get physical!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Are you surprised Tom reacted like this? Or was it justified given the context? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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