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VPR Preview: Tom Schwartz Suspects Raquel Leviss Has A 'Crush On Someone' -- And Tells Sandoval!

VPR Preview: Tom Schwartz Suspects Raquel Leviss Has A 'Crush On Someone' -- And Tells Sandoval!

Tom Schwartz had some suspicions about Raquel Leviss

Bravo dropped a sneak peek at next week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules on Friday – and it will have some viewers infuriated! In the roughly seven-minute clip, Schwartz can be seen speaking with his best friend Tom Sandoval about what is going on with the 28-year-old former pageant queen following their makeout session in Mexico:

“By the way, I had a conversation with Raquel. We did not makeout. I have so much more of an appreciation for Raquel.”

Sandoval agreed, saying:

“Dude, she is dope.”

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While Schwartz has a newfound “appreciation” for the SUR waitress, he doesn’t feel a connection with her right now. He explained:

“I still don’t know why I’m not more attracted to her. There’s no like sexual chemistry.”

Sandoval reassured his TomTom co-owner that he didn’t “have to be” interested in Raquel. (We bet he was happy Schwartz wasn’t vibing with her anymore!) But another reason Schwartz thinks they aren’t getting closer? Sandy’s sidekick dropped this bombshell:

“I have this gut feeling that she kinda has a crush on someone else.”

LOLz! Looking (or acting) shocked, Sandoval asked:


To which Schwartz replied:

“Like that’s just it, I think, it’s like I don’t know.”

Mind you, this scene was filmed sometime in late August or early September – meaning Sandoval had already hooked up with Raquel and kissed again during the cast trip to Mexico for Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding. So we know the 40-year-old was sweating (yet again) over whether or not his secret was about to be exposed on camera.

But we also have to wonder – did Schwartz know about Sandoval and Raquel’s hookup at this point?? Or did his bestie and business partner tell him shortly after this conversation? For those who don’t recall, Schwartz previously admitted on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that he found out about Sandoval’s “one-night stand” in late August and later learned about the full-on affair in January. So did he know about what happened at this point? Because Schwartz seemed a little clueless. But we also wouldn’t be surprised if he was trying to help out Sandoval and cover up for him.

The Toms’ conversation soon moved away from Raquel. Instead, Sandoval brought up that he and Ariana Madix are planning on freezing embryos, saying:

“I gotta go on a cleanse. Ariana wants me to fertilize her eggs, like it helps the eggs live longer and it’s better for them.”

When Schwartz asked if he wanted “to do this,” the Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras frontman said he did but had some reservations about it:

“I’m also just like, ‘So we can have kids when we’re like 50 or something?’ It’s been a little frustrating with Ariana — like we’ll been talking and she’s just like comes at me.”

Schwartz noted:

“She’s quick to be dismissive of you. And that’s a slippery slope and relationship.”

To which Sandoval responds:

“I’m just like, ‘Can you even see where I’m coming from for one f**king second?’”

In a confessional, he went on to wonder whether he and Ariana are a good match for each other, saying:

“It hurts my feelings because the person I love thinks I’m dumb or, like, annoying. It definitely pulls into question like whether Ariana and I are right for each other.”

Hmm… maybe her energy was just subconsciously picking up on his deceptive ways!

Sandoval continues to tell Schwartz:

“I not only love Ariana but I work on our love. Nearly start off every single day with a dumpling latte because I know it makes us so happy. And she’s like ‘oh my god, thanks Tom.”

Wow, the audacity.

Schwartz then asked:

“Does she reciprocate?”

Sandoval claimed “no.” Hmm…

Again, maybe Ariana subconsciously picked up on betrayal and therefore held back more than she would have had she felt fully safe… but we don’t know, just a theory! Listen, couples can have their issues within a relationship. But we would not be surprised if Sandoval was purposefully trying to paint Ariana in a bad light by planting these seeds to lessen the blow when news of the affair eventually broke. That would be so icky if it is true! You can ch-ch-check out the preview (below):

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[Image via Bravo/YouTube]

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