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Tom Schwartz Says Tom Sandoval Is 'Addicted' To Raquel Leviss Like 'Heroin' -- And Reveals When He REALLY Knew About The Affair!

Tom Schwartz Reveals Tom Sandoval And Raquel Leviss Had a ‘One Night Stand’ in August Before Starting an ‘Emotional Affair’

Tom Schwartz is laying it all out!

On Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the Vanderpump Rules star addressed the affair between his best friend Tom Sandoval and co-star Raquel Leviss. Whether he was ridiculously nervous or just panicked about saying the exact right thing to several tough questions, Schwartz was clearly cracking under the pressure — and it made for a WILD episode. Buckle up, we’ve got a lot to unpack!

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After much debate about when Schwartz learned about the infidelity and if he was “acting as a decoy” to hide the scandal, the reality star declared:

“I learned in August, late August about the affair. [After] the one night stand, allegedly.”

He went on to say Tom was having a “midlife crisis” over the summer, adding:

“The one-night stand was in August. And then it became, from my point of view, it became an emotional affair. Which is still inappropriate but I didn’t think it was linear. [Then] in January, he came to me and told me that he was in love with Raquel.”

While Schwartz was “flabbergasted” by the news, he wasn’t entirely “surprised” because by that point he felt the couple’s affair had become an “open secret” since Sandoval was no longer doing as much to hide things. He explained:

“Tom kind of got flagrant. He was brazen after he told me he was in love. It was like a release for him.”

On why he never told Ariana Madix, Schwartz insisted he was being fed a ”narrative” that the TomTom co-owner and his former long-term girlfriend had “broken up” or “attempted to break up multiple times.” Sandoval also “placated” him by promising he had “a game plan” and was “going to do the right thing” before continuing to “procrastinate.” This is a nice excuse now, but when you realize Schwartz has been holding onto this secret since August, there’s no reason he couldn’t have said something sooner. Sandoval clearly wasn’t going to come clean! Instead, Schwartz let half a year go by until Ariana unearthed the drama on her own in March. Pretty brutal!

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As for why the bar owner thinks the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman has blown up his life for their younger co-star, Katie Maloney’s ex-husband called out Tom’s ability to get “obsessed” over one thing — and, in this case, it is the 28-year-old. He explained:

“He’s addicted. It’s an infatuation of infatuations. […] Raquel is Tom’s heroin.”

After some pushback, the 40-year-old insisted he didn’t want to “minimize” or “disrespect” people battling IRL addictions, but he still believes his pal got “lost in the sauce.” This is definitely starting to have a big impact on both Sandoval’s friendships and work endeavors, the Bravo-lebrity noted:

“He’s like a shell of himself. He’s not realizing the negative impact this has had on his other ventures. Businesses, bars, the band. He took advantage of my kindness and put a lot of people, not just myself, in very compromising situations where our integrity was at stake. I think — Tom has ADHD — and honestly, he became obsessed. He is notorious for having an obsession.”


He’s blaming a months-long affair on ADHD?! Just when you think you’ve heard it all!

Sounds like Schwartz is definitely feeling slighted by having to face the consequences of his buddy’s actions. Take a look at his full appearance on the late-night show (below) to hear about the upcoming reunion and more.

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[Image via WWHL/YouTube & Raquel Leviss/Instagram]

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