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Tori Spelling Ordered To Pay Off TENS OF THOUSANDS In Credit Card Debt After 'BH90210' Salary Reveal!

Tori Spelling ordered to pay off credit card debt... again!

Tori Spelling has some new material for her character in the BH90210 revival!

According to RadarOnline, the actress has still yet to pay off the over $88,000 judgement asset to American Express after the credit card company filed a writ of execution against her earlier this year.

Per the outlet, American Express is now ordering the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office to enforce the judgement because it’s since been revealed Spelling is earning $85,000 per episode for her role on FOX‘s Beverly Hills 90210 meta-revival series, in which she plays a fictional version of herself. 

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In the court filing obtained by Radar, American Express wrote: 

“To the Sheriff or Marshal of the County of Los Angeles, you are directed to enforce the judgment described below with daily interest and your costs as provided by law.” 

Yikes. They ain’t playin’ around!

American Express Bank is asking law enforcement to possess $88,391.25 from the 46-year-old. 

The outstanding bill dates all the way back to January 2016, when the bank sued the actress for failing to pay her credit card bills. American Express previously filed a Writ of Execution Order back on January 4, asking the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to take possession of $88,246.55.

Days before the latest filing, The Hollywood Reporter claimed the industry vet is making $70,000 per episode for the Beverly Hills, 90210 revival. On top of that, she’s also said to be making an additional $15,000 per episode for co-creating the show. (Get those checks, girl!)

The new legal drama will certainly be ripe for parody, as Spelling’s slew of recent financial problems were unapologetically joked about in the premiere episode of BH90210

As we reported, the starlet kicked off the episode with her onscreen and IRL bestie Jennie Garth discussing her financial issues. While traveling to Las Vegas for a Beverly Hills: 90210 reunion convention, Spelling whined:

“What I’m out of is money!”

The scene then hilariously cut to show Tori and her fictional husband Nate at home filming an episode of their reality show, Tori & Nate: Spelling The Beans. As she juggled going through bills while holding a baby, the momma-of-six complained: 

“All these bills! $842 for Mommy & Me yoga? Great, now I can’t do that anymore. Namaste here!”

Later in the episode, Spelling continued lamenting over her money problems while referencing the college bribery scandal Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman Macy are currently caught up in, quipping:

“I need that paycheck. Mama’s got six kids! Do you know how much college bribery money I’m going to need? At least this reunion is going to cover our bills for a month!”


It’s good to see Tori is taking her financial situation in stride. Let’s hope she references this latest drama in a future episode — and, of course, pays those bills! We mean, it’s basically just ONE episode’s worth…

[Image via FOX/YouTube.]

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