Um, Did Tori Spelling Photoshop A Photo About Embracing Her Body? Fans Seem To Think So!

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Tori Spelling might need a lesson or two on Facetune.

There are several recent photos on the 45-year-old actress’ Instagram page that seem suspiciously altered on Photoshop, but her latest one about embracing her body is causing a conversation online.

Even though she wrote a caption about self love after having her fifth child, fans seem to think the pic is the victim of an editing fail!

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Dean McDermott‘s wife posted:

Fans wrote under the shot:

“Holy photo shop!!!”

“it matters because shes talking about body positivity and she photo shopped the picture”

“So sad…be proud of that body that housed all your babies…no need for the BAD photoshop,you look gorgeous without”

“Yikes she actually looks better when she doesn’t photoshop her pictures….doesn’t she realize that….even her face looks so different in this picture…. unless she recently had major plastic surgery on her face this can’t be a real picture”

Take a look at a couple other pictures people are calling BS on (below):

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[Image via Instagram.]

Jun 18, 2018 1:24pm PST

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