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Tori Spelling Leaves Hospital Covered In Bruises -- What??

Tori Spelling Leaves Hospital Covered In Bruises -- What??

What is going on with Tori Spelling?!

On Sunday, the Beverly Hills, 90210 star took to Instagram to reveal she was on her fourth day of hospitalization! We know, right? Hospitalization for what, she didn’t say. She didn’t even give any hints as to what landed her there. She shared in a Story post simply:

“4th day here and I’m missing my kiddos so much. Grateful and so proud of my strong, brave, resilient and kind to the core children who remain positive no matter what comes our way.”

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See her full post (below):

Tori Spelling Hospitalized With Unknown Condition
(c) Tori Spelling/Instagram

She’s now been released —  but is looking a little worse for wear.

In photos obtained by Page Six on Monday, the 50-year-old can be seen leaving the medical center in a wheelchair. That’s pretty standard practice for a lot of ailments, even when the patient is pretty much fully recovered. But the outlet noted Tori needed a bit of help getting up and into her SUV.

What’s even more bizarre — she was COVERED in bruises! Some were on her FACE! See pics (below):

Eyewitnesses say she hugged a woman, believed to be one of her nurses, goodbye.

What could have caused all these bruises? What was her condition? Is she fully recovered now? She’s not ready to speak out about whatever it is yet.

This is of course amid her rumored money problems and confirmed (then unconfirmed) divorce with Dean McDermott. Tori is obviously intensely private about bad news. So we may never know!

Poor girl! We just hope she’s okay. Send some positive vibes (and guesses, if you have any) in the comments down below.

[Images via Tori Spelling/Instagram & CBS/YouTube]

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