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Katharine McPhee 'Beyond Devastated' Over Nanny's Tragic Death & Remains By Son's Side To Mourn

Katharine McPhee Is 'Beyond Devastated' Over Nanny's Tragic Death & Remains By Son's Side To Mourn

Katharine McPhee is understandably beside herself following the awful death of the nanny to her and David Foster‘s two-year-old son Rennie.

As we’ve been reporting, Yadira Calito was killed in a horrible and unexpected accident earlier this month in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. She had been in the waiting room of a Toyota dealership on August 9 when, it’s reported, an 84-year-old woman accidentally drove through the windows and ran her over. Calito was severely injured at the scene after being dragged under the car. She was rushed to the hospital, but sadly, she passed away.

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And now we’re learning more about how McPhee and Foster have been dealing with the immense pain that comes from losing somebody so close to their family.

On Monday morning, Us Weekly reported new details from an insider close to the family regarding Calito’s death. According to that insider, the former American Idol star is “beyond devastated” over Yadira’s sudden and extremely unexpected passing.

The source explained:

“Katharine is beyond devastated. They were all very close and considered their nanny to be a part of the family.”

We can’t even imagine.

While the news is still very much new for McPhee as she grapples with it throughout the month, she and Foster are trying to figure out a way to help Calito’s family, too.

The insider revealed that the A-list couple is trying to help with whatever they can for Yadira’s family during this awful time:

“They are doing anything they can to support her family and are helping to make arrangements for her family or have at least offered to.”

As to be expected, the insider very bluntly stated that it’s “going to take a lot of time” for McPhee and Foster to “digest, heal, and cope” with Calito’s shocking death. Considering the circumstances, we can’t even begin to think of how one can process something like that. Totally unexpected and just… unfair. Ugh.

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As for Rennie, the source said Katharine’s number one priority is to see to it that her son — who had bonded tightly with Yadira — is safe and sound now. Of course, at just two years old, Rennie doesn’t understand what happened to Calito. But simply being apart from his nanny is a shock and a major adjustment for him.

The source divulged:

“Katharine is not leaving her son’s side and isn’t leaving him unattended. Of course, he’s too young to absorb the reality of what happened, but it doesn’t take away from the pain that the situation has caused.”

Such a sad situation.

It seems like we can’t say it enough, but we send our condolences out to Rennie, Katharine, and David. And to Calito’s relatives, and the rest of her friends and loved ones, as well. Our hearts continue to break the more we cover this story. Just truly tragic…

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Katharine McPhee/Instagram]

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