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Fans Think 18-Year-Old Alabama Barker Got Fillers -- And They're Blasting Dad Travis!

Fans Slam Travis Barker For Letting 18-Year-Old Alabama Get Fillers!

Travis Barker ain’t winning father of the year in fans’ eyes.

Last week, the Blink-182 drummer’s daughter Alabama took to TikTok with a candid video about the difficulties of derealization. That’s a mental state which leaves you with feelings of detachment from your surroundings. But one of the main things fans were focused on were her fuller-looking lips — and they wanted answers that weren’t forthcoming!

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Alabama, who just turned 18 last month, stared blankly into the camera in silk pajamas and a matching bonnet as her lips protruded noticeably from her face. See (below):


♬ real. – real.

While in the comments fans mostly empathized with her, one Reddit user made the appearance the subject of a scathing thread. Titled “Fillers” with the added caption, “Didn’t Ms girl just turn 18 like a few days ago. She about to become botched just wait,” users responded with shock over what possibly looks like “migration.” That’s a thing which occurs when filler settles outside of the desired area on the lips in question. In Alabama’s case, what users pointed out is a so-called “filler mustache” for the procedure.

Of course, it should be noted that there is NO confirmation any procedure was done at all! We don’t know if Alabama had her lips done or anything like that. It’s all fan speculation! And yet like they always do, these fans speculated HARD about the alleged undertaking!! Beyond whatever criticism or commentary they might have had for Alabama herself, users were NOT happy that Travis may have approved the cosmetic procedure at all in the first place:

“Can’t believe Travis allowed this”

“Those lips are a nightmare! Both of her parents have failed her”

Oof… Well, we know things between the teen and her mom Shanna Moakler aren’t exactly very peachy at the moment…

But even that is not enough, apparently!! Another user crudely pointed fingers at her stepmother Kourtney Kardashian as supposedly being partially responsible:

“Remember when she was walking with Kourtney and then was called fat. I highly doubt Kourtney or any of those skanks give her maternal advice. Imagine still being a young impressionable young lady and you are around these self absorbed ppl known for  ‘perfect looks’. Then her brothers girlfriend is some ‘perfect ‘ [TikTok] star. She must be so lost!”

Her brother Landon, 20, is notably dating Charli D’Amelio — hence the social media influencer reference there.

Still, the lip thing… yeesh. And no confirmations! Just outright suppositions and assumptions! Oof!! Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know down in the comments (below)!

[Images via Alabama Barker/TikTok & Complex/YouTube]

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