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What Was With Travis Kelce's Fight During Sunday's Game?! And What Did Taylor Swift Fans Think?!

What Was With Travis Kelce's Fight During Sunday's Game?!

Travis Kelce — lover, football star, podcast host, and… fighter?!

Sunday’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders ended in victory for the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as a super cool NFL record for the 34-year-old personally. But before the Gatorade and glad-handing things got a little heated on the field! You may have heard Trav was caught up in a scuffle with some players from the opposing team! So what happened?!

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The New Heights host got a bit hot-headed with the Raiders’ defensive back Amik Robertson and defensive tackle Jerry Tillery. The tight end pushed both men in a clip that’s been making its rounds all over social media. Why? Trash talk? Some macho d**k-measuring? Not for Trav. No, this was in defense of his teammate!

The Raiders had just tackled Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice. However, it appeared Robertson put excessive weight on Rice, leaving him hurting on the ground — and he did it on purpose! Or at least that’s how Kelce saw it! And he wasn’t about to stand by while anyone endangered someone on his team! He shoved Robertson off and ended up squaring up against BOTH defenders!

It was pretty intense. Ch-ch-check out the clip (below):

And Taylor Swift‘s fans have a lot to say about their fav’s new man and his aggression! Swifties went wild in the replies of the video that was posted to X (Twitter) on Sunday, pretty much exclusively thirsting over the Chiefs star and his manliness:

“That did something to me that I can’t say online”

“oh…did he just…throw a full grown man…..”

“The way Travis just flipped the first guy like he was nothing, and then just started on the next guy. Taylor finally has a man that can fight.”

“there will be songs…”

“So hot”

Meanwhile, football fans were warning that Trav could’ve gotten in big trouble for the “hot” scuffle:

“He will be fined by the NFL for that”

“So unnecessary.”

“Here’s the thing. While everyone keeps saying how hot it is, it’s not. He absolutely should have gotten a 15 yard personal foul penalty. I’m shocked that he didn’t get one. Penalties like that can kill a drive. I love Travis, but I’m not a fan of behavior like that.”


What team are U on, Perezcious readers? Was this a sexy move — or a case of poor sportsmanship? Let us know (below).

[Image via ChiefsDigest/Late Night with Seth Meyers/NFL/YouTube]

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