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Are We All Pronouncing Travis Kelce's Name Wrong?!

Are We All Pronouncing Travis Kelce's Name Wrong?!

You might be a big fan of Travis Kelce — but are you pronouncing his name correctly?!

At the Miami Dolphins game over the weekend, NFL defensive tackle Chris Jones brought the subject to light in an Inside the NFL clip where he told some Kansas City Chiefs players their now-mega-famous teammate’s name isn’t being pronounced right in the media! In the video, he asked:

“So y’all know it’s not even Travis Kel-see?”

When the KC players said no, they didn’t know, they asked “what is it?” to which Chris dropped a complete shocker:

“It’s Travis Kels. F**king crazy, right?”

Ch-ch-check out the clip (below):

Huh?! The whole world has been pronouncing it as “Kel-see” over “Kels” — and what makes that fact even wilder is the 34-year-old’s dad Ed Kelce confirmed this fact a YEAR ago!

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On a recent episode of New Heights, Trav and his brother Jason Kelce brought their dad on to chat about their family history. Ed confirmed their name hasn’t been pronounced right this whole time. According to Jason, he and his younger brother were well into their 20s before THEY even knew! He said at the time:

“Why in the world did you change your name out of nowhere and now we are Kel-see? Why did we think that our name was Kel-see for the first 24 years… 27 years of my life, 25 of Trav’s.”

Their dad explained, though, that their name never “changed” — he just “got tired of correcting people” so he stopped! The 36-year-old found this hilarious, though, and joked:

“That’s a good reason to stop. That’s as good as I’ve heard. So you changed your entire family’s name over generations because you were tired of correcting people.”

Don’t worry, though! The Kelce family doesn’t mind if you pronounce it as “Kel-see” or “Kels”, though, as the patriarch said:

“Do whatever you want. I did.”

LOLz!! Fair enough!

We wonder if Taylor Swift pronounces her beau’s name the “correct” way or not?? Do U pronounce it as “Kel-see” or “Kels” — or maybe something else entirely? Let us know (below)!

[Image via The Tonight Show/YouTube/MEGA/WENN]

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