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Did Travis Kelce Just Shade Simone Biles' Husband?!

Did Travis Kelce Just Shade Simone Biles' Husband?!

Wait… is there some beef between Travis Kelce and Simone Biles‘ new hubby?!

On the latest episode of New Heights, the NFL star’s podcast he hosts alongside his big brother Jason Kelce, the duo talked about Trav’s recent nomination for a People’s Choice Award for Athlete of the Year. While chatting about his nomination, Travis was very self-deprecating at first, implying the “only” notable thing he did to receive the nomination was host Saturday Night Live, failing to mention how his relationship with Taylor Swift probably helped:

“What did I do to get athlete of the year? I did SNL? … How am I on this?”

Jason expressed his surprise about Simone’s husband Jonathan Owens not receiving a nomination while she did:

“How is Simone Biles on this but her boyfriend isn’t?”

Was that some sly shade from Jason? After Owens’ comment about not knowing who Simone was when they met? Rubbing in that she was on the Athlete of the Year noms, and her man wasn’t? Hmm.

Then came Trav’s shade! The Kansas City Chiefs tight end added about Jonathan, who plays for the Green Bay Packers:

“Owens? He’s playin’ some good ball over there, I guess.”

Hmm. Was that… was that what you might call damning with faint praise?? Ch-ch-check out the convo at about the 4:30 mark to hear for yourself (below):

Now, this could just be fans reading into the situation too deeply. Maybe they really didn’t mean anything by it. But frankly they’re clearly quite a bit more clever than they pretend to be a lot of the time, so… We can’t help but wonder.

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This could be a football rivalry thing. After all, the Chiefs got beat by the Packers 27-19 last month. But considering the way the convo came about, maybe it’s more than that?

It’s no secret that Jonathan has been in some hot water lately with his comments about his wife. In December, fans were shocked when he claimed he “never heard of” Simone before they started dating. The internet doesn’t agree on much — but pretty much everyone thought this was a ridiculous lie, considering Simone has been a household name for years now. And sure enough, it was quickly disproven by internet sleuths who found out he’d actually followed her YEARS before their relationship. On top of that, he claimed on an episode of the Pivot podcast late last year that as the man in the relationship, he was more of a “catch” than the Olympic gold medalist:

“I always say that the men are the catch.”

Yeah. Who says that about their significant other? Gross!

Considering what a feminist Taylor is, would it really be out of bounds to assume Trav and Tay didn’t approve of the way Jonathan was talking about Simone?? Just wondering…

What do U think is going on here, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below).

[Image via New Heights/YouTube/Jonathan Owens/Instagram/MEGA/WENN]

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