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W Magazine Frantically Trying To Stop New Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Issue After Astroworld Tragedy

W Magazine Frantically Trying To Stop Its Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Issue From Going Out After Astroworld Tragedy

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner could be having a major magazine cover story canceled in light of the Astroworld tragedy.

According to Page Six, the couple was all set to appear on the front page of an upcoming W Magazine issue that would have been complete with an accompanying interview. However, following the horrific event that left 10 people dead and hundreds injured at the Astroworld Festival, the magazine is now reportedly pulling the plug on the edition — or at least trying to.

Although the piece was shot and printed before the Houston concert on November 5, the glossies have not yet been shipped out, which ultimately has the editors racing to recall every edition before they reach magazine shelves across the country. A source explained to Page Six on Tuesday:

“W editors have cleared any planned coverage of Travis and Kylie from their website, but the magazine was already printed, and now they are trying to stop the delivery trucks. In the light of what happened at Astroworld, the interview and cover lines seem inappropriate, to say the least.”

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That’s for sure.

As you know, this all comes as the 30-year-old rapper faces public scrutiny for how he never stopped his concert once chaos started erupting in the crowd. However, his attorney Ed McPherson argued that Scott couldn’t have known what was happening in the audience:

“He’s up there trying to perform. He does not have any ability to know what’s going on down below. … Understand that when he’s up on the stage, and he has flash pots going off around him and he has an ear monitor that has music blasting through it and his own voice. He can’t hear anything, he can’t see anything.”

Apparently, the lawyer is forgetting the fact that the musician had acknowledged the fact that there was an ambulance in the crowd at one point… but continued performing anyway. So he clearly had some idea that something was wrong. FYI, this was all caught on video.

His new spokeswoman, former Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, also tried to deny any wrongdoing on Scott’s part for what transpired that night, saying on CBS Mornings:

“They have a 59-page operations plan, and it clearly says the only two people that are, have the authority to stop the concert, were the executive producer and the concert producer. He was not responsible for this, but he wants to be responsible for the solution.”

Is she really trying to tell us that Travis wouldn’t have been able to stop the show if he said something? Seriously??? We have seen plenty of videos of other artists at this point who are able to pause or stop a concert when someone in the audience is hurt.

What are your thoughts on W Magazine trying to stop Travis and Kylie’s magazine cover from going out? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN]

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