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Trump Sued Again, Things Are Not Looking Good!

We sure hope that Donald Trump has invested his fortune well!
Because it looks like the Trump name is swiftly losing its worth after a string of Trump-labeled disasters!
Besides the flailing Atlantic City casinos, The Donald is facing a lawsuit over a folded Baja-Mexico project.
Though the luxury condos are not being built by the Don, he sold his name to the project and investors pitched in because they thought they were getting something quality. Now those investors are out a whopping $32 million.
Ivanka Trump had little else to offer besides an apology and sympathy because she and her family are “in the same boat.” Ivanka, brother Don Trump Jr, and the Big Don are all named in the lawsuit, along with the project’s developers, partner company, and real estate brokers.
This isn’t the first time the Trump brand has faced a lawsuit. Last June, buyers sued for putting trust in his name when Trump wasn’t actually behind the construction of condos in Florida.
The Don has successfully lent his name to a slew of products, but we think he ought to be careful! The name can only be spread as thinly as, well, a bad combover.
We bet RoRo is throwing herself a little victory party.
[Image via WENN.]

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