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It’s a sad day when people have to try and make money by lying to millions about doing it for a good cause.

Back in 2006, rock star musician Sting held a charity concert at Carnegie Hall in order to help save the world’s rainforests.

The celebrity packed event helped to raise Millions! So you would think all went well?


According to charity watchdogs and a review of tax records, it was uncovered that even though millions were made in the concert, less than half of that money went to forest saving charities.

A spokesperson for Charity Navigator, said this charity event “would fall to the bottom of the bucket,” as almost all charity events give about 75% or more from the money raised.

So it’s no surprise that Sitng’s Rainforest Foundation in New York is rated one of the worst charities.

The next of Sting’s annual concerts is set to take place this Thursday, with the lineup including Billy Joel and James Taylor among others.

But why bother donating if they’re keeping most of the money?

Another issue people are having problems with is the hoarding of donations by Sting’s charity, which in 2006 reported $10 million in assets (keeping almost $5 million in cash). Charities rarely keep more than is need to pay a year’s worth of expenses.

The director from the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance said, “What are they doing with the money? They have more than five times what they would normally spend in a year in reserves.”

Sting started his charity with his wife and a Belgian photographer, Jean Pierre Dutilleux, back in 1989.

Although Sting would not return requests for a comment, as would no one from the charity’s office in New York, Dutilleux did comment.

He says, “I have kept quiet for almost 20 years, hoping for improvement. But enough is enough. Everything is true or worse.”

Shady!!! Wonder how it could be worse??? Speak Dutilleux, speak!

[Image via WENN.]

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May 05, 2008 11:49am PDT

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