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10 Underrated Holiday Songs You Need To Listen To RIGHT NOW!

Here are all of our favorite underrated holiday songs!

Nothing quite hits the spot like some good ole holiday music!

But right now we’re not reminiscing about Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, or Mariah Carey‘s unforgettable All I Want For Christmas Is You. Those songs are everywhere! No, we’re looking for something fresh and underrated!

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Here, you’ll find our picks for the most underrated holiday songs EVER! You know, catchy tunes you may have forgotten about, or classic covers that we wish we’d hear more often!

Ch-ch-check it out (below)!

*NSYNC — Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Come on, you can’t turn down *NSYNC singing a holiday song! And while the song itself does it for us every time, a video featuring Gary Coleman and a few HIGHlarious green screen skits doesn’t hurt, either. In all ways, an instant classic that totally stands the test of time!

Jessica & Ashlee Simpson — Little Drummer Boy

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson enjoyed sharply different musical styles and looks during the height of their popularity, so there’s something to be said to finally hear them come together as one for this classic Christmas tune. Besides, Little Drummer Boy is a slept-on song, which makes this version a SUPER underrated banger! Lots of angst and emotion here as well, haha!

Kelly Clarkson — Christmas Eve

This has it all! A superstar singer! A big voice! Iconic background vocals! Strings playing off to the side to back Kelly Clarkson! A wonderfully iced-out set that just makes you think of Christmas! How come All I Want For Christmas Is You can get endless love from all angles, but this one can’t?!?!

Leona Lewis — One More Sleep

Just like the *NSYNC song (above), we’re not picking these tracks just for the video… But a quality visual that makes you think of cozy Christmas time with family and friends sure doesn’t hurt — and Leona Lewis checks ALL the boxes there. Vid aside, though, the anticipation and good tidings that come through in this song are epic, and just hearing it takes us straightaway to Christmas Eve. A must-have on any holiday play list!

Ashley Tisdale — Last Christmas

Though she may start slow, Ashley Tisdale really gets going here, and delivers a version of Last Christmas that we can all dance along with at home! Seriously, where can we learn to bat those playful eyelashes?! LOLz!!!

Dave Barnes — Christmas Tonight

A little self-deprecating, a little tongue-in-cheek, a little light-hearted fun, (and a LOT of Jennifer Love Hewitt!). This is such a refreshing and corny (in a good way!) take on the holiday season. Oh, and the music video’s acting elements are just stellar, too, so there’s that! Ha!

Kristen Bell — Text Me Merry Christmas

The perfect gag song for the perfect Christmas era! Who cares about tidings and good cheer when we’re all a thousand miles away and just texting each other, anyways? More power to Kristen Bell and the folks at Straight No Chaser here for recognizing what Christmas has really become during our hyper-connected technological times…

The Weather Girls — Dear Santa

Sorry, y’all, but you will NEVER beat a classic like this. Give us more of The Weather Girls, NOW!!!

Adam Sandler — The Hanukkah Song

Our older readers should be very familiar with this song — enough not to make it underrated. But if you’re younger, and/or not an Adam Sandler fan (like, his good older work!), you need a crash course in one of the best (and funniest) non-Christmas focused holiday songs ever! Love it!

The Killers — Christmas In L.A.

Yes, that’s Owen Wilson starring in the music video for The Killers‘ Christmas In L.A., if you can believe it. Visuals aside though, the song is powerful and equal turns depressing and hopeful with a VERY unique look at Christmas from a part of the country you don’t normally associate with the holiday!

Well there you have it, Perezcious readers!

What do U think of our picks?! What other songs would you have added??

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