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'Vampire' Serial Killer Who Ripped Out Hearts & Drank Blood Finally Caught, Cops Claim

'Vampire' Serial Killer Who Ripped Out Hearts & Drank Blood Finally Caught

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

The serial killer dubbed a “vampire” who has been terrorizing Brazil since December has finally been caught, authorities believe.

In case you haven’t heard the disturbing story, back in December 2023 two bodies were discovered in the Goiânia area of the South American country. Around December 16, police discovered a body in a forested area. It was said to be in a state of decomposition with its blood drained and heart ripped out. A week later, on the 23rd, another body appeared in the same state. That naturally left law enforcement to theorize a serial killer was on the loose.

Everything was calm again until February 11, when police found another body in the wooded areas of the Brazilian city. Except this time, along with missing its heart and blood, it had been burned. So, so scary…

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Last week, on February 29, police were able to make an arrest in relation to the horrific discoveries — and they think they have the guy. A 51-year-old recycling collector whose name has not been released was taken into custody after he was connected with the crimes, and Goiás Civil Police chief Marcos Cardoso explained what exactly the suspect reportedly confessed to.

The officer revealed the man called the “Vampire of Goiânia” allegedly said he did in fact commit at least one of the murders. Plus, he allegedly claimed that he was guilty of ripping out the victims’ hearts and drinking their blood before dumping them in the forest:

“We found that he transported the victims in the recycling cart, wrapped them in a mattress or sheet and dumped them in forested areas.”

Law enforcement also report the man’s work cart was FULL of blood… Horrifying.

Chief Cardoso went on to describe how the unnamed suspect allegedly had a list of at least five names that he wanted to murder, targeting the homeless because he could “lure” them easier. Even with the reported confession, though, the officer says they haven’t been able to legally confirm the man’s connection to the crime. Per the law enforcement officer, though, it’s possible that further confirmation may be coming soon:

“We have not yet been able to 100 percent confirm the authorship of the three crimes attributed to him. But everything indicates that we are indeed dealing with a serial killer. Since the modus operandi with which these three people were murdered was always the same.”

Wow. So awful! Rest in peace to the poor victims, we can’t imagine the horrors they endured in their last moments. May they get the justice they deserve.

[Image via 20th Century Studios/YouTube]

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