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VPR's Ally Lewber Shuts Down Allegations Boyfriend James Kennedy Has Been Abusive!

VPR’s Ally Lewber Shuts Down Allegations Boyfriend James Kennedy Has Been Abusive!

Vanderpump Rules Ally Lewber is shutting down any speculation about her relationship with James Kennedy.

In Friday’s new episode of Scheana Shay‘s podcast Scheananigans, Ally was given the chance to hit back at past claims made by Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp. In a December 2023 episode of their podcast Two Ts in a Pod, the ladies accused James of being involved in an abusive situation with another then-unidentified person while out partying. This led to lots of speculation about the pair’s romance, and whether or not the astrologer was safe.

Considering the DJ is known to fly off the handle from time to time, we’re sure his public outbursts only made the rumors and fears worse! But is there any real cause for concern!? Ally says not at all!

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Recalling the allegations and wanting to give her co-star a “safe space” to address concerns, Scheana filled listeners in on the drama, dishing:

“I think it was two years ago now [after the MTV Movie & TV Awards]. And she said that they were heading to an afterparty at TomTom. And during that car ride there was an altercation between two people in the car, which made her and Teddi have to get out of the car. They had to separate the two individuals in the car. And [they] further suggested that James was involved, and now there’s rumors flying around that Teddi might have hinted at an altercation between you and James.”

The model knew exactly what she was talking about — and was ready to finally shut it all down! She wasted no time clearing the air, insisting:

“That’s crazy to me that that’s the most asked question [for me]. That makes me really sad, because no, I’m good. That never happened. There was no physical altercation. Yes, we were in the car together. I thought we were having fun. We were having fun. But then James and I did get into an argument, but there was no physical assault. I was not bleeding, and they didn’t have to get out of the car and separate us. So that didn’t happen. That’s all I’ll say on that.”

Hmmm. Interestingly, Ally did admit that James had been drinking that night. While he has openly struggled with alcohol abuse in the past and announced during the new season of Pump Rules that he is back to being sober, he wasn’t at the time. But this particular moment wasn’t the night they realized he needed to make a change, she added:

“He was still drinking. Yeah, we were all drunk in the back of that car. Yeah, that’s true. But nothing happened physically. I mean, we went to TomTom. We showed up at TomTom and we had fun. It was, like, a good night. I don’t think that that was, like, the moment or, like, the night when we were like, ‘OK, drinking is not great.'”

That said, she now knows the alcohol consumption caused problems in their relationship at times, she added:

“We would fight when we would drink. I would drink and pick [fights]. When you drink that much and in those environments, it is not great. That’s not who we really are. That’s an example of why he shouldn’t drink.”

Oof. At least they came to that realization sooner than later. Hopefully, this means less fighting for them in the future! Attempting to move past the controversy, Ally wanted to make it very clear that fans had no reason to worry, doubling down:

“We’re good. We’re happy. He’s working on himself. I know in the past that he has anger issues. So I get it. But I just want people to know that I’m good and I’m safe and I love him.”

She then thanked the podcast host for giving her a platform to share her thoughts, saying:

“Thank you. Because I didn’t know. I’m like, do I go on my Instagram to say, ‘I’m good, guys?’ Like, I don’t know how to navigate these types of things. And this is something that’s very serious. And I do appreciate everyone worried about me. But I do want everyone to know I’m good.”

Phew! So glad to hear everything’s okay. Sounds like they’ve had their struggles (like all couples), but it hasn’t been as bad as the allegations made it seem. We really hope! And we hope things just get better and healthier for them! Listen to the full podcast (below):

Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Have you been worried about this relationship? If so, does this settle all the concerns for you, or not?? Let us know (below)…

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[Image via Ally Lewber/Instagram & Peacock/YouTube]

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