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Raquel Leviss BLAMED Ariana Madix For Tom Sandoval Affair, Scheana Shay Sobs Over Restraining Order, & Tom Schwartz Pops Xanax On VPR Reunion Part 2!

Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 2

The drama was top-notch on part two of the Vanderpump Rules reunion!

After an already very explosive start to the three-part reunion series last week, the Bravo cast got back together on Wednesday night to continue breaking down all the s**t that happened during season 10, with a focus on the affair between Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval, of course.

Part two saw Raquel finally get the chance to share her side of the story and come face-to-face with Ariana Madix for the first time. Scheana Shay‘s alleged physical altercation with the embattled star was also addressed, while James Kennedy‘s drinking habits were put on blast! Here’s everything you need to know about the reunion (below)!

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The Lovebirds

Tom and Raquel reunited in her trailer during the lunch break. After sharing a hug, they rehashed what had been said during the taping so far with Tom complaining:

“They’re making you and me out to be pathological liars.”

The 28-year-old replied:

“I see that, even though we know that we’re not and we haven’t lied about anything besides this affair.”

Uhhh, but that was a pretty freaking massive (and months-long) lie!! Interestingly, Raquel revealed her biggest issue so far was the way Tom and Ariana’s relationship was coming across before the cheating scandal was exposed, she explained:

“I don’t love the way it’s coming across about your guys’ intimacy. Just watching what you guys taped just now, it looks like you guys had this solid relationship. […] I feel like she felt like you wanted to keep the relationship going because you never broke up with her.”

Oof. Sounds like Tom was lying to both of his women to get what he wanted! After he admitted they should have come clean about their affair way earlier (duh!), Tom warned his then-girlfriend about what to expect once it was her turn in the hot seat:

“It’s rough. Ariana is going to unleash on you. I’m glad you came though.”

Leviss then expressed:

“It just sucks because my entire character is in question now. I have gone through a transitional phase in my life this summer. I think the pendulum did swing a little too far the other way and this is my wake up call.”

The Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman gave her some words of encouragement and then left the trailer — only to immediately come back and try to hang out with her off-camera, but it didn’t turn out well for him!

The Tantrum

After the couple’s heart-to-heart, Tom wanted to chat with Raquel in private and lost it on the crew when they pushed back at the idea. He declared:

“OK, I’m done filming. I’m done. Can we have, like, a for real break where we’re not being filmed?”

A producer explained that cameras were going to be rolling when “anyone’s together” but that he could have time to himself if he wanted. Lashing out, Tom yelled:

“No, man, I’m gonna f**king flip and get the hell out of here. I need a break from filming! Stop filming me! I want to talk to her, like, I don’t want a camera in my f**king goddamn face.”

The 39-year-old continued:

“I don’t feel relaxed, she doesn’t either. We have to watch what we f**king say, I don’t want that. I’m in a very delicate position.”

Now, who’s fault is that?!

The Punch

Back on set, Andy Cohen tried to chat with Scheana about the temporary restraining order Raquel had filed against her after they got into an alleged physical altercation in NYC when the affair was exposed, which is why the stars had to be 100 feet from each other at all times. Unfortunately due to an upcoming court date at the time, she wasn’t allowed to speak on the matter, so the host turned it over to her friends.

Lisa Vanderpump (who had already been called out for sticking up for Sandoval too much) was first to guess what might have happened, saying she thinks “she might have slapped her.” Katie Maloney clapped back:

“Look at her fingernails, she can’t make a fist.”

Then Andy wondered what Tom thought and — OMG — he paused for the longest time! When everyone questioned him about why he was struggling to answer, he said he was hesitant to chime in:

“I’m between a rock and a hard place. The thing is, I don’t want to upset my relationship with Scheana, but I want to tell the truth.”

He then claimed he heard Shay say over the phone, “I just punched that bitch in the face and threw her phone in the street.” Ariana lit up like a fuse at this point and denied that ever happened, adding:

“She said ‘I pushed her,’ she never said punched.”

And, as to be expected, Sandoval was promptly told to shut the f**k up! LOLz! Interestingly, before Scheana was sent away so Raquel could finally join the cast, Andy revealed he had something to deliver:

“Scheana, I do have something for you. This is from Raquel. She’s not allowed to give it to you in person. She gave it to me to give you.”

In a one-on-one sit down with the Watch What Happens Live host, the former beauty queen revealed she regretted ever taking legal action against her former friend, saying:

“I completely regret filing the restraining order and I’ve been taking every measure to get it dropped. I spoke with my lawyer and he was able to file a request to dismiss the court hearing altogether and this is the paperwork showing that for Scheana.”

After hearing the news, the Scheananigans podcast host broke down in tears, sharing:

“Having this for the last few weeks — first of all, the betrayal. Two of my best friends, that is heartbreaking in itself. But then to throw all of this on top of it when I did nothing but take care of her. I gave her a home to live in when she didn’t have anywhere to go. I was the sister to her that she didn’t have growing up. I did everything for her, and for her to do this to me, it has taken such a toll on me.”

She went on to say the stress of the legal battle was also affecting her family life, such as her daughter who started hyperventilating when she saw her “having a full breakdown.” So terrible!

James Calls Out Raquel’s Parents!

The DJ was under fire a lot during this episode — both for his drinking and rude commentary. At one point, he slammed Raquel’s claims that he was mean to her family (such as calling her mom “fat”), arguing he had reason to be upset, saying:

“Her mom would talk about my penis size during every single Thanksgiving dinner. Like, ‘Oh is he circumcised? Is he not? I heard he is not. What are circumcised c**ks like?’ She would have these conversations with me while I had Grandma Buttons across the table from me.”

Elsewhere in the chat, the TomTom co-owner claimed James once drunkenly slapped a waitress’ butt during a work event, revealing:

“We had this ongoing deal at Atlantic City and then James got brought into it. The last time that we were there you were belligerently drunk with no shirt on. Security came up to me and said you would get kicked off the premises. The manager told me later that you smacked the waitress on the ass and they had her sign a form that said she wouldn’t sue.”

Kennedy denied the situation and called out Sandoval and Schwartz for getting paid to “show up and get drunk.”

Raquel & Tom Planned To Lie

In a somewhat shocking admission, during her solo interview, Raquel revealed she and Tom planned to lie about their affair when they finally told Ariana about the infidelity. She explained:

“We were going to tell her, we just wanted to get our stories straight, basically, because he felt like it would hurt her if she knew how long this has been going on.”


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On why she fell for the musician in the first place, she said he “made me feel heard and seen and those were feelings that I haven’t really felt maybe ever.” That said, she admitted she was a little naive to think her friendship with Ariana wouldn’t be affected and insisted she was “very ashamed” of her actions. Recalling the conversation she had with the reality star when she learned of the betrayal, Raquel said:

“I told her the truth and she said thank you for telling me because Tom would have never told me the truth.”

She almost wasn’t going to either, though! She added:

“It was a lot of pain that I felt from her. She begged me to tell her when it all happened and at this point we wanted to tell her.”

Blaming Ariana

During her private conversation with Andy, Raquel tried to blame Ariana for the affair. Noting Ariana never came to her with any suspicions about her relationship with Tom, she shared:

“She never pressed about it. She never confronted me about it. From what I know — from what Tom told me — she didn’t question him too much about it. She just believed this at face value. Now I know that she did want to know and it was very deceitful. I am very ashamed of it.”

Girl, this is NOT Ariana’s fault!!

Popping Pills

In one of the more unexpected moments of the reunion, right before Leviss was brought out to join the cast, Tom Schwartz pulled out a pill bottled and popped something into his mouth. His bestie leaned over and asked “what the f**k” he’d just taken. The bar owner dished:

“Xanax. Just a quarter, I’m stressed.”

The others started freaking out over the pills, prompting Sandoval to offer:

“You know you can tell people it’s none of your business? I’m taking my medication.”

But Schwartz didn’t seem to mind. He tossed the bottle to Ariana and offered her some, but she refused.

Randall Emmett

The episode also included a brief moment in which Lala addressed her relationship with her ex Randall Emmett, who has been called out for alleged inappropriate behavior and illegal activities in a 2022 L.A. Times article. She said she was unaware of the red flags in the relationship at the time of their romance but that she didn’t feel like she had to sleep with him “in exchange” for getting a part in one of his films.

The Women Of The Hour

The episode ended with a very nervous Raquel taking the stage and coming face to face with Ariana for the first time since the affair drama began. But we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what happens next! Thoughts?! Sound OFF (below)!

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