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Wendy Williams Shows Off Her New Man!

Wendy Williams shows off her new boyfriend in night out on the town in New York City

UPDATE 2/24/20 3:59 P.M. PST: Wendy has made it clear that she and Big Will are just “friends”! The daytime diva dismissed the romance speculation on Monday’s episode of her talk show, telling her audience that the inciting Instagram pic (below) was taken during a visit to a recording studio with her “friend, who is also [her] jeweler, Will.”

She explained:

“Will is my friend… No, we’re not a couple. I got on a beige negligee and threw on that [coat]. It was cold out. And then we get in the studio and I put it on my ‘gram… Yeah, we’re huddled like this in the studio because it’s freezing in there… It’s like five degrees, it’s colder in there than it is in here. The studio is only about the size of my chair, you know… I’m sitting there huddled. Belly full from meatballs and all kinds of stuff we ate earlier. And next thing you know there’s accusations being thrown… We are not a couple and I do not have a boyfriend. That’s it. If I did, I wouldn’t have been out with Will.”

Well, that settles that!

Wendy Williams is clearly proud to show off a new man in her life!

The TV host had quite the controversial week, to say the least, but it appears she’s trying to forget about tough happenings at work by blowing off some steam this weekend with what appears to be her new boyfriend.

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The TV talk show host hit the town on Friday night in New York City, going out and about to Aroma Trattoria restaurant with Big Will, also known as Willdaboss — a very well-known jeweler to the stars who works out of NYC. This follows a major tease days ago from the TV talker herself, where she hinted on her show that she had a new man — so, we assume, this must be the guy?!

It makes a lot of sense for Willdaboss to be the BF here, in part because in that same episode Wendy hinted her new man had brought her two pieces of jewelry from which to choose as a gift, and she chose a heart-shaped diamond necklace. So cute! And certainly something a jeweler would have access to, too, ya know?!

And not only did the sometimes-controversial talk show host debut her man to the paparazzi on Friday night (click HERE for the pics if you’re interested), she also shared a pic of the pair on her own Instagram account as well, as you can see here:

Awww! What a cute little snuggle for these two!

They both look very, very happy together, don’t they?!

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Like we said, though, this feel-good moment follows a not-so-good week for Williams in which she crassly called out a murder victim who at one time had been engaged to Drew Carey. Fans and observers alike pretty much universally condemned Wendy for the out of touch, completely insensitive comments, and it threw her for a loop to deal with so much backlash in the aftermath. All in all, it was definitely not a good idea from the start, and probably something that should’ve been nipped in the bud sooner rather than later as soon as it did get out there. Alas…

Anyways, what do U guys think about the guy who appears to be Wendy’s new boyfriend?! Nice smile, huh?? What else ya got?! Sound OFF about the talk show host’s apparent new man down in the comment section (below)!!!

[Image via WENN]

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