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When Celebrities Blog: Sia


The Breathe Me singer just posted the following message on her official blog:

“blog: perez hilton and buttons

hello sweet sweet potatoes.
so i got pretty famous last week for about five
minutes when the video for buttons was leaked and put it on his site for all to see.
i pretty much owe him some part of my first born i
guess,apparently he is somewhere in the top ten most
powerful people in the media.
fucking amazing.
what wasn’t quite as fucking amazing was reading about
being an ugly bitch with a snaggletooth that could cut
someones penis in two.
ok nobody really said that,but they should
have,because it’s way funnier than JUST dissing my
snaggletooth,which for the record,has never cut
anyones penis in two.
i guess what happened is kris moyes,the director,asked
if he could put it on his showreel,and we said
yes,having no idea it would make it’s way to perez
within 3 hours of being uploaded.pretty exciting
stuff,i heard it’s had 250,000 hit’s on youtube now
which makes me all a tingle in my tinglers.
kris got the idea for contorting a face using sticky
tape from an artist whose name i can’t remember on the
internet,and was writing a treatment for a vid for the gossip,
whilst staying at my house in LA(he is a friend
from horsetralia) i stuck my face up for fun and
thought it would be an awesome vid,and when the gossip
heard it they loved it but due to some sort of
travel/scheduling issue they couldn’t do it,so i said
ok well let’s do it together,for one of my songs,just
for fun.
so we did.
and it WAS fun.
apart from the whole clothes pegs on my face moment.
that was fucking excruciating.
i actually had to have a break and regulate my
breathing while the natural opiates took over.
anyway,i sure am famous now,so it was pretty much
worth it.
pray for linds.
love on a lobster,

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Jul 31, 2007 14:30pm PDT

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