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Sia Couldn't Leave Bed For THREE YEARS Due To Depression From Divorce

Sia Couldn't Leave Bed For THREE YEARS Due To Depression From Divorce

Sia was going through it following her divorce.

For those who don’t know, the 47-year-old singer married Erik Anders Lang in August 2014. But alas, their marriage didn’t last long, as they announced just two years later they were divorcing. Oof.

At the time, Sia understandably struggled with the breakup from the 42-year-old filmmaker. In fact, her mental health got so bad following the split she says she couldn’t leave her bed for three years! She shared with Zane Lowe during an interview on Apple Music 1 on Thursday:

“[When] I got divorced, that really threw me for a loop. That was such a dark time that I was in bed for three years, really, really severely depressed. And so I couldn’t really do anything for that period of time.”

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Heartbreaking. Sia couldn’t even write songs for a long time. But eventually, things got better. The musician slowly began writing again, and before she knew it, she had enough songs to make an album. So she’s releasing her first LP in eight years called Reasonable Woman. As Sia explained:

“And then I started again, just little bits and pieces here and there, but it was really hard to get me out of bed. And then finally it just turned out we had enough songs to make an album, enough good ones. So I just rely on my management to tell me when we’ve got enough good ones because … I think I can tell [when one is great], but they tell me when we’ve got 11 or 12 or 13 enough real good ones.”


We’re glad Sia worked through that dark time in her life! Reactions? Share them in the comments below.

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